How to Clean & Remove New Fresh & Old Dried Blood Stains from Carpet in Covington, GA

There are stains that can appear on your carpets and rugs from just about any substance. They can come from a toddlers cup of juice dripping on the carpet. It can be when you have a house party and friends are over dragging mud and dirt in on their shoes and spilling wine and other drinks. It can also be from an injury that has been sustained. The result of some injuries is that a person or pet is bleeding and that blood can end up on the carpet. If your dog is in a fight or gets hurt they run in the house looking for some comfort. If they happen to be bleeding you have a mess to clean. If you get hurt you might start bleeding before you have time to react and grab a towel to stop it. The blood on the carpet happens to be one of the stains that you need to deal with properly. If you use a method that is not approved it can cause the stain to be stuck in place. DM Carpet Cleaning outlines how to get blood out of your carpets.

Use Only Cold Water to Remove Blood Stains

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are dealing with blood that has gotten on their carpets and rugs is the temperature of water that is used. If you choose to use water that is warm or even hot it can lead to the stain setting in and becoming very difficult to work on. The best thing you can do is to use cold water to treat the stain. You want to use a water bottle that has a spray option and fill it up with water and even an ice cube if necessary. Then you can use it to spray the area a little at a time. The water will help to lift and dilute the stain and then when you press with a clean cloth it can be lifted off the carpet. This often works best when it is fresh and still wet.

Remove Blood from Carpet with Cold Water & Salt

You can also use a second method if you are dealing with a blood stain that happens to be a little more substantial. The problem can be that when you go to remove the stain it can start to spread out quickly. This is when using a salt press is a good idea on the blood stain. You want to use cold water like mentioned above and then add table salt until there is a paste that has been formed. The paste then can be placed over the top of the stain. You want to allow the salt paste to sit on the spot overnight. Then you can pick up the pieces that have dried and they should have soaked up the blood. You want to follow up with a water bath with cold water.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Blood Out of Carpet

There are some blood stains that may need a different cleaning solution if they have had some time to dry out. The best way to do that is to use a solution that can agitate the stain and bring it away from the carpet fibers. You can do that by using hydrogen peroxide and add it to the spot. It will start to bubble and that means that it is working. Then you can use cold water to finish the cleaning.

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