Carpet Dents Aren’t Permanent! How to Remove Furniture Indentations & More in Lakeview Estates, GA

Georgia homeowners are commonly reorganizing their homes. Whether you are switching old furniture or creating new dynamics with your current furnishings, moving them around on carpeted rooms, you are likely to notice the spots on your carpet where the legs of the furniture once was, there are divots or dents in the carpet. With these pockets of crushed fabric marring the carpet’s elegance, many people want to find ways to restore the carpet fibers to their original state. With this in mind, we at D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to share a few methods on how you can eliminate carpet dents and divots. Keep in mind, depending on the exposure and weight of the furniture can make divots and dents more stubborn, so repeat attempts or multiple methods may be needed.

Ice Cubes Can Remove Dents from Carpet

This method is the most recommended due to it being the safest and quickest option to gentle relax and restore the crushed carpet fibers.
1) Slide away any furniture or clutter that might obstruct your treatment.
2) Along the length and width of the dent, drop an ice cube, or as many as needed).
3) Leave the ice cubes to melt. As the ice melts gradually, the carpet fibers absorb the water where it then can begin to expand and relax.
4) For more prominent dents, let the moisture soak into the fibers overnight.
5) Blot excess moisture and with a fork, gently lift and loosed the carpet fibers, using care not to inflict damage.
6) For extreme cases, repeat these steps are use a different method.

Removing Carpet Dents with a Blow Dryer

1) Clear away the furnishings.
2) Using a water bottle with pure water, generously moisten the dent, without over wetting the area (should only be damp, not soaked).
3) With a fork to gently fluff the carpet fibers, use the blow dryer to dry the carpet. Be careful as you do not want to pull to aggressively and cause damage.
4) If the carpet is not restored by the time it has dried, you may need to repeat the above steps or try an additional method to maximize the results.

Steam Can Get Deep Imprints Out of Carpet

1) Push clutter and furniture out of the way so you have room to maneuver.
2) Place a clean, white, water-dampen cloth directly on top of the dent.
3) Approximately 3-4 inches above the moist cloth, hover an iron on medium heat for 30-60 seconds to allow concentrated steam to produce and disperse in the target area.
4) Never place the hot on iron directly onto the carpets, you will cause irreversible damage by singeing or melting the fibers.
5) Repeat the steps until fibers are relaxed or use an above-mentioned method.

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Following the treatment and after the area is fully dry, vacuum the area to complete the fiber restoration. If you are having troubles with carpet dents, D&M Carpet Cleaning experts can help with our comprehensive carpet cleaning and stretching services! Call us today to get started.

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