Area Rug Deep Cleaning & Placement in Bedroom, Dining Room & Living Areas in Oxford, GA

It’s hard to ignore area rugs as an exciting part of your homes design. They can add warmth, color, and texture to any space. Area rugs are an important piece in the design scheme of a space and act as the foundation for all your other furnishings. The size of an area rug is important so you can have a look that you love and works in the space.

Correct Size Area Rug for Placement

When it comes to area rugs, size matters because the size of it can completely change the dynamic of a room. It’s very important to measure the space before you start shopping.

Rugs Under Dining Room Tables

The dining room is a room where many homeowners will make the mistake of buying a rug that is too small. There is a rule of thumb when it comes to buying an area rug for your dining room- always make sure the rug is big enough for the legs of the chairs to sit on the rug even when the they are pulled out for your guests. This rule goes for a round table, oval table or a long rectangular table. Another tip for the dining room is to make sure that the rug extends at least 24 inches around the table and keep 18 inches of floor exposed around all the sides between the edge of the rug and the wall. When it comes to the living room and the bedroom there allow for a few more options as far as sizing and styling

How to Place a Rug in a Living Room

The size of your living room and the furniture arrangement will determine the size of your area rug.
• 5×8 rug can be placed under a coffee table with the rest of the furniture off the rug
• 8×10 rug allows for furniture to be placed on top of the furniture or completely off it. This allows for good proportion.
• 9×12 rug allows the furniture in the room to be placed on it. The larger an area rug is the larger a room will appear, but you still have to make sure you follow the 18 inches of bare floor exposed around the perimeter of the room and the rug’s edges.

Bedroom Rug Placement

The size of the bed and the floor area around it will determine the size of your area rug. The way you want to lay the rug will also factor into the size you select. Rugs are typically either placed around the bed, with runners anchoring each side and a larger rug at the foot of the bed, or the rug can be placed horizontally under the bed with part of the rug exposed on each side.

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The type of fiber is very important when it comes to choosing an area rug but should also depend on your needs and lifestyle. An area rug can be a big investment but a wise one that can provide you with years of service and pleasure. Care for your area rugs the best way you can by having them professionally cleaned by DM Carpet Cleaning. Contact us today!

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