How to Clean Dog, Cat & Human Vomit Stains & Get Smell Out of Carpet in Doraville, GA

There are times throughout the year that it seems the flu makes its presence known. This is usually in the colder months but it can rear its ugly head any time. When you start to get a stomach ache you want to make sure that you or your family members know what to do if they think they are about to throw up. There are other reasons that someone could end up throwing up from too much alcohol to drink to someone that has choked on their food. The timing never seems to be good when someone throws up but it is always worse when they didn’t get to the toilet or trashcan. There is also of course when a dog or cat vomits on the carpet but this can’t really be prevented. If you are stuck in a position that there is throw up on your carpet you want to make sure that you are prepared to clean it. There are some tips on dealing with throw up that is on your carpet or even your rugs.

DM Carpet Cleaning Outlines How to Clean Fresh & Old, Dried Vomit from Carpet

Cleaning Fresh Vomit Carpet Stains: If you are lucky enough to catch the person or pet throwing up you can start cleaning the mess right away. No one wants to see anyone throw up but the reason that it is lucky is that you can start the cleaning process right away. This is great when you are cleaning just about any stain on your carpet. The throw up should not have any time to soak into the carpet and it is a good idea to clean it up with the right method. Start with trash bags or grocery bags that you can use to grab as much of the throw up as you can. You can scoop it all up and tie the bags so that they can be thrown out with the trash. Once you have as much as you can you want to use a cleaning solution that includes water as well as hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. The paste can be used on the carpet and a clean cloth to dab at the spot to try and clean as much of the mess as possible. You can then follow up with a clean cloth.
How to Clean Up Old, Dried Vomit Stains from Carpet: If you did not realize that your pet or child threw up in a corner somewhere and it shows up you still need to be able to clean it. You want to try and pick up as much of the solid material as you can. Then you will need to wet the area so that the area can be cleaned once it has been loosened. Then you can use the same water and baking soda mix to clean the spot with clean cloths.
Vomit Odor Removal from Carpet: If you think that the area that has been cleaned but still has a bad smell you want to use dry baking soda. Sprinkle it over the spot for about ten minutes or even overnight. This will help to soak up the odor and allow you to vacuum up the baking soda. This will help to eliminate the odor and let your house smell clean.

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