Carpet Dents Aren’t Permanent! How to Remove Deep Imprints & Flattened Pile in Scottdale, GA

When you are ready to decorate a room you often start with the biggest and heaviest pieces of furniture. This can be couches, tables and more. This is what will create the layout of the room and then you can add to it to bring your own personal touches. Most people will bring in some furniture and lay it out and leave it like that for years. Only when they decide that it needs to be replaced for a number of reasons do they move it. The problem is that you are left with a space that has dents and dirt from the layout you originally chose. The lines from the dirt are because the layout of the furniture brings in a flow of traffic that will create the high traffic lines that most homes have. You can have that dealt with by cleaning the carpets but what are you supposed to do about the dents? DM Carpet Cleaning has what you can do about dents in your carpet.

What Causes Carpet Dents?

The dents that you see are from a piece of furniture that has been placed on your carpet. The weight of the furniture can cause the fibers to stick and become a crushed into the spot. The good thing is that the dents are not from any damage or trouble with the installation of the carpet itself. That means that as long as you have the right technique you can have the dents repaired.

Can Indentations Damage Carpet?

You might be wondering what the problem is with the dents that your furniture is creating. The most important thing is that over time it can start to cause some damage. The fibers can be crushed so much so that it can be difficult to remove. The other problem is when you want to move the furniture or replace a piece and you have the lines and dents from the old piece. It can and will detract from the flow of the room.

Move Furniture & Use Coasters to Prevent Carpet Dents

If you want to try and keep your carpet from being dented from furniture you want to move your things around. This does not always have to be big moves that readjust the flow of the house. It can be shifting the couch or table down a few inches. You can also make sure that as you clean or vacuum the carpet you take the furniture out of the room as well. Many of the pieces of furniture that you are using have a small point of contact for the floor. This means a part that can be just a few inches around can be impacting the carpet. It is best to spread out the weight by increasing the size of the base. This can be done with some furniture coasters. It can prevent such a deep dent in the carpet.

How to Remove Carpet Dents

If you have dents that you need to try and get rid of you can use an ice cube. You want to allow the ice to melt on the area then use a towel to remove the water. After it has been dried mostly out you can use a hard object of your fingers to fluff the carpet fibers back up. Then you can run the vacuum after it has dried completely.

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