How Tight Should Carpet Be Stretched, Signs & Other Stretching FAQs in Roswell, GA

When carpets get stretched out, they leave ripples and bumps in the carpet and can pull away from the edges. When carpet gets to this point, many people often believe they have to replace the carpets or deal with the ripples. This is not the case. Often when carpet becomes stretched out and pulls away from the edges, or has ripples or even shrinks, it can be re-stretched, pulled back, and secured back in place. DM Carpet Cleaning will share more about carpet stretching repairs and how this service can recover and repair your carpets.

Purpose of Carpet Stretching Services

There are times when the carpet is not secured to the track very well or the carpet is exposed to high traffic and can pull away from the edges. When heavy furniture is dragged on top of carpet, it can pull at the edges too, or even cause the seams to separate. When this occurs, you can repair the carpet using stretching services. Stretching is when the carpet is pulled and tightened from one end of the room to another. Then the carpet is re-secured and secured in place.

Signs Carpet Needs to Be Stretched

It can be very obvious when carpets need to be stretched. However there are some other signs that can be hard to see and often takes a professional to detect them. Some of the most common and obvious is when carpets get wrinkles, ripples or appears loose. When there are gaps along the edges of the wall and you can see the carpet tacks is another indicator that the carpet has been pulled away from the walls and sagging has occurred. Some other signs is when the carpet may seem loose instead of tight. If carpet is no longer tight, has ripples or has pulled away from the edges of the wall, you will want to look for carpet stretching services to prevent damage to the carpet.

Benefits of Carpet Stretching Repairs

Carpets that are showing signs of needing to be stretched and re-secured back in place should be done relatively quickly. In some cases, carpet can become a tripping hazard and has caused injuries. However, carpets that develop ripples or pulls away from the edges of the wall will cause carpet to become damaged. Carpets can unravel if the edges are exposed. Rippling causes high spots that are also prone to get damaged and dirty quickly. When carpet doesn’t lay flat and tight, it can also be difficult to clean. In short, when carpets are loose and saggy, it decreases the life of the carpet which leads to early carpet replacements.

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Using a professional carpet stretching service is fast and efficient. Carpet can be re-stretched and secured back in place within in a few hours. Carpet re-stretching is best left to the professionals to ensure your carpets are properly stretched and secured down. If you need your carpet repaired and you require stretching services, then contact DM Carpet Cleaning. DM Carpet Cleaning provides many service which includes carpet repair and stretching services. Contact us and schedule our services today!

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