Best Methods for How to Keep a White or Other Color Rug Looking New in Duluth, GA

When you are looking at making a change to a room some people will buy new furniture, add a new piece or art of throw down a beautiful area rug. You want to make sure that when you make these additions to the room you take care of them. When it comes to adding a rug to the house they are great on carpet, tile and hardwood. They can offer some softness to a space or color and design to another. Rugs are not something that you should have to replace often but if you don’t care for them you might sooner than you want. They can become damaged without you even knowing you are doing something wrong. Following are some great tips on how to ensure that your rugs are always looking their best.

DM Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips for How to Keep Your Area Rugs Looking Like New

Rotate Area Rugs: When you go purchase a rug you will likely place it in the room that it is meant for. Then you decorate around it and that is it. The problem is that if you allow the rugs to stay in the same position it can cause a mark on the flooring underneath. The bigger problem is that the rug will be worn more on certain parts of the rug than others. That will then cause the rug to wear unevenly and you will need to replace the rug. The best way to prevent this is to make sure that you rotate the rug on a regular basis. This will prevent uneven wear and stop high traffic areas from happening.
Vacuum Area Rugs: The rugs should not be treated any less than your carpets. If you have carpets you surely are taking the vacuum to them to keep the dirt and the debris off. The same goes for your rugs. Some people will actually roll up the rug and vacuum only the carpet under the rug which has been protected. You want to make sure that your rugs get vacuumed regularly as well as the rest of the carpets.
Do Area Rugs Fade in Sunlight?: One of the harshest elements that will cause damage to your rugs is the sun. You are going to use a rug in a particular room. When you place the rug you want to keep an eye on the area to see how much sun exposure is on it through the day. The sun is hard on the dyes that are used on the fibers. It can start to bleach out areas that are getting too much sun in a specific spot. You have a few options. One is that you can make sure that you move the rug to a place that is out of direct sun exposure. You can also make sure that during times that the sun is on the rug you use your blinds and drapes.

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Lastly you want to make sure that you include your rugs when you have your carpets cleaned. They are also make of carpet fibers and that is why they need cleaned just as much as your carpet does. This will ensure that they are able to last for a long time and leave your house looking beautiful. DM Carpet Cleaning can come out to your house and clean your area rugs as well as your carpets. Call us today to have a technician scheduled to come out to your house or business.

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