How Often Should You Vacuum With Pets & What Are Proper Carpet Cleaning Vacuuming Techniques in Alpharetta, GA

Vacuuming regularly is essential in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your home. Keeping your carpets looking their best makes a good impression and makes you feel good about your home. Vacuuming is important in cleaning your carpets on a regular basis and shouldn’t be dismissed.

Importance of Vacuuming

1. Reduces allergies– Environmental allergies like grass, weeds, trees dust and pet allergens. The more these are vacuumed the less symptoms will be experienced by those with these allergies.
2. Carpets will last longer– Dust and dirt will break down the fibers of the carpet. The more dirt and debris, the more damage.
3. Reduce bacteria and fungus– Carpets get yucky-and are a breeding ground for everything-avoiding bacteria and fungus will keep everyone healthier.
4. Forces you to pick up clutter– Things need to be out of the way before you vacuum.
5. Your home will smell better– When carpets aren’t hiding dirt, debris, bacteria and fungus your home will smell fresh.
6. Creates a habit. Anything you do on a regular basis will become a habit.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpet?

If carpets are neglected, high traffic areas will look worn sooner than expected in the absence of regular vacuuming. High traffic areas need more than low. Along with picking up dirt, vacuuming will “groom” your carpet. This refers to lifting, brushing and separating the carpet fibers. Concentrated traffic will continually press down on the carpet fibers. This will also lead to twisting the fiber and can cause the fibers to get tangled together and hold the fibers down. This will continue to get worse over time. High traffic areas lead some homeowners to believe that there’s a defect in their carpet. It’s not. It’s neglect from the homeowner. Ignoring this visual warning and continuing to walk over these areas without vacuuming will cause the fibers to continue being forced down to the point that the vacuum will not be able to lift them anymore, causing permanent damage not to mention all the dirt and debris that’s trapped under there. You should vacuum at least once a week and make sure you’re using a good quality vacuum cleaner with a beater/brush bar. Carpets with high-traffic and/or pets require daily vacuuming, medium-traffic areas should be vacuumed twice a week and light-traffic areas need weekly vacuuming.

Proper Way to Vacuum Carpet

There’s a right way to vacuum and doing it the right way will not only save you time but effort too.
1. Use the crevice tool and vacuum the edges of the room before you start vacuuming.
2. Vacuum each room vertically.
3. Vacuum each room horizontally. You will be going over the carpet twice but this ensures the carpet is lifted and the dirt is removed.
4. Start at the furthest part of the room and make your way to the exit of the room. You’ll get nice vacuum lines, if you like that look.
5. If your carpet needs some freshening up, use a neutralizer. Try 2 cups baking soda and 10-20 drops essential oil in a container with a shaker top. Mix this in the container, shake it up and sprinkle it on the carpet leaving it for 15 minutes before you vacuum it up.

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