Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Atlanta, GA; Allowing Stains to Sit, Using Hot Water for Stain Removal, Skipping Patch Test & More

When it comes to the basic care of your carpet, vacuuming, spot removal, and other such treatments are diligently performed. Stains are one of the most detrimental things to occur on your prized carpet, some can be more stubborn and a challenge to get rid of. If you are one of many who is trying everything can do to extend the life of your carpet, preserve the overall condition, and keep the carpets aesthetically appealing, there are some things that actually should be avoided when removing stains. With that in mind, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to list some of the “don’ts” of carpet cleaning.

Carpet Fiber & Stain Knowledge

When dealing with carpet stains and their removal, there are a couple of things to remember.
– If possible, learn what your carpet fibers are manufactured from. Some materials require specific cleaning as well as the flip side; the need to avoid contact with chemicals. The more knowledge you possess concerning your carpet, the more effective your carpet stain removal will be.
– Just as it is optimal to know what your carpet is made from, it is also ideal to know what the stains are, which is best accomplished tending to stains as soon as they occur. Knowledge is power.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1) Do not allow stains to sit on carpet. With busy, fast paced lifestyles, many folks are guilty of witnessing spills, and covering it with a towel at best before running out the door, thinking they will have to clean it later. The longer a stain is able to set, the harder it is to remove. All stains should be treated for as soon as possible to avoid irreversible staining.
2) Do not use hot water on carpet stains. Hot water is good for cleaning many things, but not for treating stains. Very much like to laundry stains, hot elements will set the stain in; making the stain nearly impossible remove, it at all possible. Removing fats and wax can be treated with heat as the on partial exception, hot water is not used but by placing a hot iron over paper towel will draw the wax up out of the carpet, but still extreme temperatures are not recommended.
3) Do not skip the carpet patch test. Using a commercial pre-made formula carpet cleaning product or home remedy solution makes no difference in conducting a patch test. As mentioned before not knowing what the stain is or what the carpet fibers are made of, can react poorly to different chemicals or household ingredients. Perform your patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the fibers integrity or color is not compromised. Some chemicals can break down the fibers and ruin the composition, where others could lighten the color of your carpet in an unattractive way. Knowing if there are any side effects is crucial for the condition of your carpet.
4) Do not scrub or rub carpet stains. Applying high volumes of pressure while scrubbing and rubbing out stains vigorously are natural impulses when tending to stains. It’s important to avoid this impulse. When carpet stains get violent treatment, scrubbing the stains can spread out and/or get pushed deeper into the fibers. Instead, blot the stains with mild to moderate pressure.
5) Do not clean the stain from the inside out. To keep the stain contained, work from the outside of the stain’s perimeter towards the center of the stain.

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