How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts & When is the Best Time for Allergy Sufferers to Get Air Duct Cleaning in Roswell, GA

It’s that time of year again, allergy sufferers everywhere are feeling the misery of spring allergies. Most allergy sufferers are desperate for anything that will relieve their suffering. We have an answer for those that are miserable with allergies; air duct cleaning. DM Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about how they can alleviate allergy symptoms and when the best time of year to have them cleaned for best results.

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Alleviate Allergy Symptoms?

Over time, dust and debris start to accumulate in your air ducts. When you turn on your air conditioner, all that dust is blown out. People that have issues with asthma and other respiratory illnesses, including allergies, suffer when that dust is blown into the home. When you have your air ducts cleaned, all of that dust is removed from your ducts and isn’t a problem any longer.

When Are the Best Times to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

The best times of the year to have your air ducts cleaned is in the fall and late spring. These times are when you aren’t using your furnace or your air conditioning system yet and the technicians have the time they need to get the job done thoroughly. It is recommended to have your air ducts cleaned every 2-3 years. Sometimes there are situations that require additional cleaning such as:
• Home renovations or construction done in the home.
• Installation of a new furnace or air conditioning system.
• You suffer from severe allergies or asthma.
• You have pets living in your home.
All of the instances mentioned above require additional cleaning to ensure your health isn’t implicated by dust and debris, even pet dander that can be found in your air ducts.

The Best Time to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned is Now

When trying to decide if it is time to have your air ducts cleaned, the best time is now. When you see a flare up in your allergy symptoms or find yourself sneezing for no apparent reason, it could be an indication that your air quality isn’t good. Having your air ducts cleaned improves the indoor air quality of your home. This can be life changing for those that suffer from a respiratory illness.

Visible Signs that Your Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned

When your air ducts are filled with dirt and dust, you will know it. When you turn on your air conditioner and feel that blessed cold air pour into the room, you will most likely see dust leave the vents when the ductwork is dirty. This often happens when the system hasn’t been running for some time.

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To improve the air quality in your home, DM Carpet Cleaning offers air duct cleaning and can alleviate the symptoms that make so many allergy sufferers miserable at this time of the year. Don’t hesitate to call us today!

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