How Often Should You Strip & Wax VCT Flooring in Atlanta, GA? Do VCT Floors Need to Be Sealed?

For those who own or manage a commercial building with VCT flooring, it is important to know when to strip and wax the floors. VCT flooring is a super easy floor to keep clean and maintain. However, there comes a time when the floor will need a new sealant wax to properly protect and maintain the VCT floor. DM Carpet Cleaning would like to share when and why it is important to strip and wax VCT flooring.

VCT Flooring Get Stains

VCT floors or Vinyl Composite Tile is a durable and easy to clean flooring which is why they are frequently used in commercial or public buildings. However, VCT floors are exposed to constant foot traffic, furniture, and other materials that can scratch up the floor. Additionally, over time, even with detailed cleaning, VCT floors can develop grime that slowly builds up on the floor’s surface. When VCT floors have a lot of grime build-up or surface scratches, this is a good time to have the floor stripped down and rewaxed.

How Do You Strip & Wax VCT Floors?

When stripping VCT floors, the wax sealant is removed and the grime along with it. Stripping the VCT floors helps to do a thorough cleaning of the floors which will improve the floor’s appearance. After it has been stripped of the sealant, the VCT floor is cleaned again, but this time the cleaning process helps to buff out minor scratches and does a deeper cleaning. After the floors have been waxed cleaned, it is ready to be rewaxed. The wax helps to protect and seals the VCT flooring.

How Often Should You Strip & Wax VCT Flooring?

When you care for VCT flooring you do not want to strip and wax the floor too often nor not do it soon enough. The wax sealant used for VCT floors ages over time and will protect the floor less and less. Depending on the type of sealant used, you may need to strip and wax the VCT floor about every 6 to 9 months. It is important to know which product you use to wax the floors, as each will vary on how often you will need to strip and wax the floors again. A professional service can better help maintain VCT floors and they know their products. They will be able to know when to schedule the next VCT stripping and waxing to ensure the floors are properly maintained. It is recommended that you put your VCT floor stripping and wax on a routine schedule to ensure the floors are always maintained and protected.

Does VCT Need to Be Sealed?

When investing in VCT flooring for the first time, it is recommended to have the floor stripped and waxed right after installation. When manufacturing VCT flooring, a basic wax sealant is used to protect the floor during shipping and installation. This basic sealant is not designed to protect the floors for long periods of time or against dense foot traffic. Make sure after installing your VCT flooring, you have it stripped and waxed with a proper sealant to ensure the flooring longevity.

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