How Do You Maintain Hardwood Floors in Walnut Grove, GA? Wood Floor Cleaning, Buffing & Recoating

Hardwood floors are a great flooring choice that increases the value of a home, enhances the home as well as the home’s aesthetics, and it will last decades. With proper care, hardwood floors will last a very long time with little maintenance and repairs. Hardwood floors do require some effort to keep them in great condition. As hardwood floors are a major investment that can last, DM Carpet Cleaning will share how to care for hardwood floors to ensure its longevity.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Basics

Hardwood floors are coated with a protective sealant that helps prevent too much moisture from seeping into the wood. At the time same time, it helps reduce scratches. Because of the hardwood floor’s protective sealant, cleaning is fairly easy. It is strongly recommended to sweep hardwood floors often. You will want to keep dirt off of the surface as they cause micro scratches all over the surface of the floor. You can use a dust mop or something soft to sweep up the floors. Depending on your household, the need for sweeping will vary. The more kids or pets you have, the more often you will want to sweep your floors. When you need to clean the surface of the hardwood floor, you can use plain water. Use a very damp mop. Never over wet hardwood floors when cleaning your floor. Due to the protective sealant you shouldn’t need chemicals. However, you can use a hardwood floor cleaner every few weeks to help keep up the wood’s shine. When spills occur make sure you wipe them up quickly to prevent stains and damages to the hardwood.

Having Hardwood Floors Professionally Cleaned

Hardwood floors do benefit from a deeper cleaning. However, you must be very careful when preforming a deep clean as you can ruin the wood. It is strongly recommended to use a professional hardwood cleaning service. They will have all of the training and proper tools to ensure the hardwood floors are cleaned properly. A professional hardwood cleaning service often includes cleaning, polishing and recoating the wood. A hardwood cleaning machine is designed to clean deep within the grain of the wood and without damaging the surface. Polishing helps to remove the small scratches and blemishes on the floor. Recoating the hardwood floor is done after it has been polished. Recoating buffs the surface and then adds a new coat of sealant to maintain the hardwood floor.

Hardwood Floor Buffing & Recoating

When the hardwood floor develops problems such as deep scratches, discolors, or cupping, the hardwood floor will require more extreme care. You can buff and recoat hardwood floors a couple of times before the wood floor needs to be replaced. This process includes buffing the surface down and then staining and sealing. It should be noted that you only can sand down hardwood floors a few time in its life so you should try to prolong the need for refinishing. With basic care and professional cleaning you can prevent the need for premature refinishing.

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