How Do You Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet in Alpharetta, GA? Can Dog & Cat Urine Stains Really Be Removed?

Though pets are wonderful, they do cause a lot of extra messes to develop and fuzzy companions such as cats, dogs, and others, leave behind a trail of fur. Seeing the fur clumped on the carpets can be most unattractive and extremely obvious. Where vacuuming helps, professional carpet cleaning is a great way to remove pet hair and dander from your carpets. You can keep up on maintenance by vacuuming at least once per week if you have got a pet. The best way to deep clean your carpets and remove fur, dander and the remnants of your pet’s accidents is professional carpet cleaning, however. Today, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to elaborate on carpet cleaning and pet hair. It is highly recommended that professionals should be cleaning your Metro Atlanta carpets.

Can Pet Urine & Accidents Be Removed from Carpet?

Especially when they’re very young or very old, pets have accidents. Stains, odors and other messes can be left behind by even the most well-trained animal. Stains, especially urine, can soak into the pads underneath your carpets though you can blot up some stains and remove most of the odors. This indicates odors will never truly go away and the stains can reappear over time. The best way to get rid of deep, set-in stains is with professional cleaning.

Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Help with Allergies?

Allergies can be triggered by pet hair and dander. Dander and hair work themselves into the carpeting as your pet sheds on the carpet. It causes itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and congestion when the sensitive person comes into contact with this substance. In the event your pet is allowed outside, they can track in pollen, mold, ragweed and more as well. In addition to improving your indoor air quality, deep cleaning two to four times per year can help cut down on your allergy symptoms.

Can You Get Sick from Animal Feces?

Leading to illnesses in humans and other animals, your pet’s fecal matter can contain a number of different bacteria and viruses, including parvovirus, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, rabies, E. coli and more. These issues can cause rashes, fever, liver damage, blindness and other symptoms. You can still become ill from accidental contact with their feces while vaccinating your pets helps prevent illness for them. Your carpets will help cut down on the possibility of sickness by regularly deep cleaning.

Can Dog Worms Live in Your Carpet?

Just from walking across your carpet barefoot, you can accidentally pick up worms from your pet’s fecal matter. Long after you thought you’d cleaned up the entirety of the mess, the eggs and other parasites can linger.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Carpet?

Professional cleaning helps your carpets last longer finally. The visible, and invisible effects from running, jumping, playing and rolling around on the floor are caused when carpet sees a lot of traffic, and professional cleaning reduces these effects.

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