How Often Should You Replace the Carpet in Your Atlanta, GA Home? Can it Be Cleaned Instead?

You can prolong the life of your carpets by taking care of them, but there’s not much you can do about the wear and tear it will experience over its lifetime. The day will come when it will need to be replaced. There are signs to look for that will let you know your carpets have taken all they can.

How Long Should Carpet Last & What are the Signs it Needs to Be Replaced?

Carpet should last at least 5-7 years but that estimate can be doubled with professional carpet cleaning and maintenance. Fortunately there are many tell tale signs that can indicate whether a steam cleaning is in order or if it’s time for replacement.
1. Spotted and stained carpet. If you have become very creative at hiding spots on your carpet, it may be time to consider replacing them. You can only move furniture around to hide spots so much. Most carpets come with stain protection, but over time this protection wears away and your carpets will start to look dirty, no matter what you do. Lucky for you, professional carpet cleaners have all sort of tricks up their sleeves to remove stains in carpets. However, there are some stains that are almost impossible to remove, but they can sure look a lot less noticeable. Trying to remove coffee, tea, mustard and wine yourself can make the stain worse and products at the store can permanently discolor or damage your carpets.
2. Smelly carpet. Carpets can start to smell more quickly when you have pets in the home. This smell should go away after your carpets have been professionally cleaned. If you find that a professional cleaning doesn’t eliminate odors in your home, the smells have infiltrated deep into the carpet fibers, pads and can mean you may have fungus growing. You will need to replace your carpets.
3. Overuse. If you’re using area rugs to cover rips or splits in your carpets, you may need to replace it. You can repair these problems if they are small, but larger ones are a sign that you should replace your carpets.
4. Increased allergy problems. Carpets are a great place for allergens to hide. Those with allergies can find symptoms getting worse and those that never had allergies can develop them. Carpet cleaning can improve the number of allergens in your home, but older carpets that have started to fray can really hang onto them.
5. Condition of carpet padding. Your carpets are nothing more than a layer of cloth without padding. Carpet padding acts like a base and helps with comfort. It moderates sound by reducing noise and also helps with insulation. Carpet padding can soak up spills and also needs to be cleaned. When padding starts to breakdown you will notice rumpling and a pucker sound when it is walked on.

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If you feel like you’ve reached the end of the road with your carpet, make sure you’ve utilized the service of a professional carpet cleaning service before you resort to ripping it out. Buying brand new carpet is an upgrade, but when you think about the amount of money you’ll spend, you may get just as much, if not more, value from having them professionally cleaned. Call DM Carpet Cleaning to discuss all the problems you’re having with your carpets before you decide to replace it. You’ll love the money you save!

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