How Do You Refresh a Fabric Sofa in Sandy Springs, GA? Clean, Sanitize, Deodorize & More

The sofa is commonly the prime location in the living room. Preferable for reading a good book, sifting through electronics, gaming, TV, and more is the sofa while maintaining comfort. During the relaxing state, the sofas often develop odors from the sweat and oils people reproduce naturally. In addition to your pet habits and activities, substances, food, and beverage spills contributes to the odors. You can include some freshening steps to neutralize odors, or simply keep them at bay in between deep sofa cleanings and your care. We at D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to share a maintenance step to incorporate into your routine maintenance in an effort to help you with the odors that might occur on your sofa.

Clean & Deodorize Carpet?

Make certain to complete the cleaning steps for a more effective result as below are the steps to remove any odors or stop them from happening. Collect the following:
– White Vinegar
– Baking Soda
– Vacuum cleaner featuring a hose and all the attachments (particularly the upholstery)

Can You Vacuum a Couch?

You should be able to remove all of the hair, dust, and other debris on the surface of the vacuum’s hose and appropriate attachments, especially the upholstery brush. To reach 360 degrees, you may need to pull the sofa out. Along with front, back and sides of the cushions, make certain to vacuum the backs, sides, front, arm rests, back rest, and under the cushions. Place the cushions to the side for now.

Get Rid of Any Smells in Couch?

After you have ensured all of the debris is completely removed, generously sprinkle the baking soda over the sofa’s surface. On the cushions separately, sprinkle the baking soda. Let the backing soda seep into the fabric for approximately 15 minutes. The baking soda will absorb the odor molecules to help remove much of the smells. Use the vacuum like in step one to remove the baking soda, and the odors with it. Because between the dirt and debris in addition to the baking soda, make certain to keep an eye on the vacuum bag or canister it will fill fast. If odors persist, white vinegar can be applied. Despite the vinegar will improve the initial smell, it can help remove, vinegar destroys bacteria that can be contributing to the odors. Only lightly mist the surface so it can dry fast, make certain to avoid oversaturation as that can do more harm than do.

Sanitize & Clean Upholstered Furniture

To help prevent the odors from developing, immediately cleanup spills. Even excessive water can create musty odors, food or beverages left behind often creates rotten odors. Use a spoon or spatula to remove the chunks to begin with and follow up with a clean, dry cloth or paper towels to absorb the liquid. Always do a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the fabric will not be harmed when treating spots or stains. Make certain to have regularly scheduled sofa cleaning from a professional every 6-12 months in conjunction with your own maintenance and care. In addition to removing spots, stains, and deep-rooted debris as well, professional cleaning can remove existing odors.

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