What Causes Black Filtration Soiling Lines Around Edges of Carpet in Monroe, GA? How to Remove By Deep Cleaning!

Many homeowners notice dark lines at the edges of your carpet and do not understand what is causing it. Where some may sweep it under the rug so to speak, others want to find the solution to removing it and prevent them from returning. To help you better maintain your carpets and stay away from the unsightly dark lines, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to address the dark lines around the carpet’s edges.

What Causes Filtration Lines in Carpet?

A sign of infiltration are those dark areas. When the air being forced into the room is escaping through small cracks under closed doors and wall frames, infiltration occurs. The carpets eventually turn black when this air is forcing its way through the carpet it is leaving behind small particles and pollutants. Dust from uncleaned air ducts, cooking smoke, and cigarette or candle smoke are a few common pollutants. According to research, no matter how much you vacuum, infiltration can still occur. Though it is exceptionally difficult to clean, it is not a sign of a dirty home. However, for the health of your home and carpets, experts recommend vacuuming as often as possible, but to be sure to do it once a week.

How Do You Prevent Filtration Soiling on Carpet?

To help prevent the dark lines around the carpet edges, change the furnace or air conditioner filter by the recommended time frame according to experts. Be sure to also consider sealing the gaps between the wall frames, which is typically executed with sealant. The carpet will be pulled up if the gap is too large and after it is sealed, the carpet is re-installed. Also, you can help prevent the filtration by avoiding the smoke indoors. Steps in the right direction are burning fewer candles and smoking outside. The best preventative action that you can take is having your air ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

How Do You Remove Black Marks from Edges of Carpet?

Because the particles and pollutants causing the dark lines are very small, once they get noticeable, you need to call a professional carpet cleaning expert for help. In order to get the dark lines out of your carpet, a cleaning company will have all of the specialty tools and cleaning solutions. They possess the experts and the right tools to ensure these eyesores are completely removed.

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