How Do You Clean & Get Old Dog & Cat Pet Urine Stains Out of Carpet in Milton, GA?

If you have pets in your home, chances are you notice the smell of urine from time to time. Dog urine contains urea, creatinine, uric acid, ammonia, enzymes, fatty acids, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium and hormones. If you have cats, the urine will be even more concentrated and is the reason cat urine has a much stronger, foul smell compared to dog urine. When pet urine dries in the carpet, it crystallizes and causes a pungent, strong odor. The smell you’re smelling is microscopic particles that are lingering in the stain and the bacteria in pet urine is what stains your carpet.

Is Dog Urine on Carpet a Health Risk

On top of the fact that it smells bad, pet urine can be hazardous to your health. The ammonia in pet urine can be extremely irritating to the lungs and can cause a burning sensation. Large amounts of pet urine can also cause lightheadedness and fainting. The smell of urine can be too much for the body to handle. Fatigue and shortness of breath can be caused by inhaling ammonia. If you find yourself or a member of your family dealing with throat irritation and coughing, you may need to have the carpets in your home deep cleaned. People with weaker immune systems, allergies and asthma are more at risk for ammonia inhalation and because children play on carpet, they are more susceptible to the problems that pet urine can cause. When bacteria and residue are left on carpet for too long it creates a feeding ground for microbes If you find that your skin is irritated, or your eyes begin to swell you need to get rid of what’s causing it What you suspect is allergies may be pet urine.

Pet Stain Remover For Carpets

The length of time that pet urine sits on carpet will dictate how difficult it will be to cleanup. You will need:
• A few diapers
• 1-2 drops of dish soap
• Cold water
• Spray bottle
• Clean towels
The first step is to soak the stain up. This is where the diapers come in. Diapers have three absorbent layers, with the middle layer containing material fluff and chemical crystals that are a superabsorbent polymer. Lay the diaper over the stain and apply pressure. Next, mix 1-2 drops of dish detergent with cold water in a spray bottle. Spray the area with enough of the solution to flush the stain and use another diaper to soak the solution. The last step is to take a clean towel and blot any remaining solution that is left behind. Repeat the process as many times as you need to and allow the carpet fibers to dry completely.

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Pet stains are one of the most stubborn stains to clean up. It’s crucial to hire professionals that specialize in removing pet urine from your carpets. They will also remove stains and leave your carpets smelling great. If you have pets you need to be aware of the possible health risks so you can keep your carpets clean. Contact DM Carpet Cleaning today!

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