Benefits of Professional Carpet Dyeing in Union City, GA; New Looking Carpets, Color Change & More

Does it look like your carpet has seen better days? When your carpet looks bad it can make your whole home look bad. You may think your only option is to rip it out and replace it but there’s another option. Carpet dyeing can save you time and money. There are a handful of benefits that come with carpet dyeing, but it still takes time and you can’t reverse it once it’s done. Carpets with stubborn stains can look like new with professional deep cleaning. You can also cut stained sections out and replace them if you have extra carpet. Spot dyeing can be done to re-color stained or faded areas or you can have the entire carpet dyed if you’re looking to change the color.

Pros of Carpet Dyeing

New looking carpet. Your carpets will stain more quickly if you have kids and pets running around, and some stains can’t even be removed with professional carpet cleaning. Rooms with sun exposure can fade carpets. These are situations where the carpet is still in good condition and you don’t need to replace it.
A new carpet color. Carpet doesn’t need to be stained or faded for carpet dyeing to be a good option. You might just be tired of the color and need a fresh look. You can get a new color without all the hassle and cost of tearing out the existing carpet.
Less odor from carpet. The smell of new carpet can be overwhelming. It smells bad and can be irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract. You can buy low-VOC carpet to limit the smell, but it won’t eliminate it completely. Dye has less odor, and some manufactures claim that their dyes are odor free.
Carpet dyeing is cheaper than replacement. It can cost 20 to 60% less to dye your carpet over replacing it. That includes the cost of labor. You can do the job yourself and save even more by renting a sprayer and purchasing the dye, but you’ll get better results if you hire professionals.

DIY Carpet Dyeing

Just because you can dye your carpet yourself, doesn’t mean you should. Carpet dyeing needs to be done carefully. You will need to purchase the right dye for your carpet otherwise the dye may not take, or you might damage your carpet. You will need to move all the furniture and prep the room with painter’s tape or plastic shields. The sprayer you rent won’t have the same amount of control that commercial grade sprayers have. Improper application can leave you with areas that are oversaturated and produce an uneven look. Spot dyeing requires a trained eye when dye is used to counteract stains. Skill is also required when blending dyes. Professionals will also clean your carpets beforehand to ensure it accepts the dye more thoroughly and evenly. Professionals will also produce a sample so you’ll have an idea of how the color you choose will look.

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Carpet dyeing is an inexpensive and quick way to bring your carpet back to life. Are you ready to have new looking carpet? Contact DM Carpet Cleaning to discuss your options and get flawless, long-lasting results!

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