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It’s not hard to realize the importance of keeping carpets clean in healthcare facilities. It’s important in keeping the safety and well-being of patients, staff and visitors first. Patients enter healthcare facilities to get better, not to pick up other illnesses because the carpets aren’t clean. Dirty carpets can have physical and psychological effects on both patients and employees and freshly cleaned carpet will improve the appearance of your facility.

Cleaning Carpets in Healthcare Facilities

It’s imperative to maintain the hygiene in any setting dealing with the health of patients. Many illnesses can be prevented by getting carpets cleaned deep down. Carpets need to be cleaned, deodorized and sanitized to prevent a breeding ground for germs. The carpets need to be cleaned with the right chemicals and hot water to fight dirt, odors, infections and germs as these are all naked to the human eye. Vacuuming will not remove them. The only way to remove it is by having it cleaned professionally to get to the base of the carpet. Anti-bacterial cleaning methods are used in healthcare facilities that aren’t typically used in homes or work environments. The right amount of cleaning solution is dispensed onto the carpet and a roller brush will clean each fiber of carpet. Professional hot water extraction equipment will remove the sprayed water and chemicals, along with the dislodged and dissolved dirt, leaving the carpets dry in 1-2 hours.

Norovirus, Salmonella & Campylobacter Germs & Other Bacteria that Thrive in Dirty Carpets

Dirty carpets allow lots of illnesses to fester. Norovirus is the virus that will cause the stomach flu and other digestive problems. This virus is capable of surviving on carpet fibers for up to six weeks and will be airborne every time the carpet is walked on. The bacteria that leads to Salmonella will cause fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps. It gets moved around by employees, service people and patients on the bottom of their shoes and is more dangerous to the elderly and young children. The bacteria that causes Campylobacter is more prominent in the winter months and will be present in damp carpets. It can lead to Campylobacteriosis that is dangerous to those with immune systems that are compromised. Carpets are good at harboring tiny organisms that can lead to respiratory illnesses. Dust mites and mold will thrive and grow quickly when dirt and human skin cells provide food for them. They are inhaled when disturbed by walking and can lead to cold-like flus. If you have allergies, an attack can be triggered when you come into contact with dirty carpets. Studies have shown that being in environments that aren’t clean can actually cause stress and anxiety levels to increase. There may not be an immediate effect, but stretches of time can lead to a weakened immune system making you more susceptible to illness.

Professional Healthcare Facility Carpet Cleaning in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

Do not neglect getting the carpets in your healthcare facility cleaned. The professionals have the experience, tools and techniques to ensure the cleanest environment possible. Give your facility a clean start by hiring the experts at DM Carpet Cleaning!

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