Does Your Carpet Need to Be Restretched in Conyers, GA? Carpet Restretching & Repair Services

Have your carpet shrunk and began peeling at the seams and edges of the walls? Carpet shrinking is more of a common problem than most people realize. Most of the time it happens if you hire an inexperienced carpet cleaner or more often then not, when the homeowner tries to wash their carpet without knowing how to first. The top causes of carpets shrinking is using hot water when steam cleaning carpets, over soaking carpets, and not knowing the kind of carpet fibers that are being cleaned. Natural carpet verses synthetic carpets shrink muck easier and need their own special method of cleaning. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you avoid shrinking your carpets. However for those unfortunate carpet owners that have already shrunk their carpets, there is a way to fix this problem. DM Carpet Cleaning will explain this process.

Right Cleaning Tools for the Job

First you must have the right tools for the job. Professionals usually already come equipped with all the tools needed for the job. However you will find that a Power Stretcher, a Knee Kicker, and Carpet Knife, or a Utility Knife will primarily be the tools used for this job. If you are attempting to re-stretch your carpets yourself you will find the power stretcher and knee kicker can be rented at most hardware stores.

How to Fix Carpet Wrinkles & Prepare Your Carpet for Stretching

Start by preparing the room. First remove all the furniture from the room until the carpet is completely bare. Next go to the corner of the room with the worst point of shrinking. Then peel the carpet off the tack strip and pull it back to give you enough room to the stretch the carpet. You can pull it by hand if you can grip it, or use a pair of pliers.

Knee Kicker & Power Stretcher Carpet Stretching Services

Now it is time to use the power stretcher and the knee kicker. Operate the power stretcher with the lever and use the knee kicker on both sides of the power stretcher to help lock the carpet into the tack strips. Start by locking the teeth of the power stretcher into the carpet’s corner. Now push down on the stretcher’s handle. This will pull the carpet out and towards the edges. As you stretch the carpet use the power stretcher to push down on the carpet hooking to the tracks. Then use a utility knife or carpet knife to cut the excess carpet off the edges. If there are base boards, use a putty or flat head screwdriver to push the carpet underneath them. You will find this method of stretching your carpet doesn’t just work on shrunk carpet, but also works on over stretched carpets that have wrinkles throughout the floor, giving your carpets a slick clean look.

Carpet Stretching & Repair in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville and Atlanta Georgia

If your carpets are in need of stretching either due to shrinking or wrinkles and you’re unsure about doing the task yourself DM Carpet Cleaning can be there to help you.

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