Carpet Stain Removal Tips in Alpharetta, GA; How to Clean & Remove Coke, Soda, Red Wine, Cider, Hot Chocolate & Other Holiday Beverage Stains

When the holidays come around, there are often lavish parties and hosted gatherings at your home. With so many people, fun, good times, and maybe a little alcohol, you have the perfect recipe for an accident ready to happen. With the popular holiday beverages being served, the odds of one or more of them landing on your carpet are pretty good. That is why we at DM Carpet Cleaning has compiled a list of common beverages that might end up on your carpet and some tips on how to get them removed!

General Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Note: Before you begin, whether you utilize a household item, one of our concoctions, or a pre-made formula sold at a department store, always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the carpet doesn’t lighten and the fiber’s integrity isn’t compromised.
– Never use HOT water or you run the risk of setting the stain in permanently.
– Whenever possible, tend to the stain as soon as possible, the quicker you get to it the easier it is to lift.
– Avoid using cloths and paper towels that are colored and/or printed as the dye and print can transfer while you use them to blot up the stains.
– Never scrub or rub, always blot as scrubbing and rubbing just spreads the stains out wider and pushes them deeper.

1. How to Get Hot Chocolate & Cocoa Powder Out of Carpet:

– Blot up as much moisture as possible with paper towels or a dry cloth.
– Combine together in a bucket, bowl, or spray bottle 1 TBS dish soap liquid, with 2 cups warm water.
– Apply the solution on to the stain, do not over saturate.
– Blot until all liquid is thoroughly sopped up.
– Allow to air dry or for faster and better results, place a dry towel on the wet area with some weight on top of it and allow it to set over night.
– Once area if fully, vacuum the area.

2. How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet:

– Immediately blot the wine with paper towels, and continue to blot until the liquid has stopped blotting up.
– Spray a few ounces of cool water directly over the inflicted area, and blot up the moisture again.
– In a container of your choice, combine 1 TBS liquid dish soap, 1 TBS white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water.
– Apply the mixture to the stain but do not over saturate. Dab a clean, dry cloth in between treatments to keep moisture contained. You do not want the carpet soaked.
– Rinse the area with cool water, and blot dry with a dry cloth.
– Place a towel on the dampened area and put weights on top, allow to set overnight.
– Vacuum once area is completely dry.

3. How to Get Cider Out of Carpet:

– With paper towels, immediately blot the cider up.
– Mix 1 TBS ammonia and 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle, bucket, or bowl.
– Apply your solution onto the blemished area, do not over saturate!
– Gently work out the cider in circular patterns in addition to blotting, working the stain from the outside in.
– Rinse with warm water.
– Towel dry the excess moisture.
– Once area is completely dry, vacuum well.

4. How to Get Eggnog Out of Carpet:

– First, use a spoon to scoop up the bulk of eggnog and blot the remaining liquid with either paper towels or a clean cloth.
– Combine 1/4 tsp liquid dish soap in 2 cups warm water in squirt bottle, bucket, or a bowl.
– Avoid using detergent or even a higher concentration dose of the mixture.
– Rinse out the stain with warm water, be sure to blot up moisture in between. You want to avoid over saturating the carpet.
– Sponge your mixture to the area and gently pat up the stain.
– If a residue persists, use a vinegar solution of 1 cup white vinegar and 2 cups warm water, and gently work the solution through.
– Rinse with warm water.
– Using a clean, dry towel, blot up all moisture.
– Place a clean and dry towel on top of the dampened area with weight on top of it and allow it to set over night.
– Vacuum once the area is completely dry.

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