Drying Wet Carpet After Water Damage from Roof Leaks in Ceiling, Leaking Pipes & More in Roswell, GA

Your carpets are a huge part of your home and you want to be able to keep them clean. Over time they will start to wear out and become stained. The stains will vary depending on the people that are in your house. You might have toddlers that will spill juice on the carpet. You could have adults that may at times drop a cup of coffee. If you throw parties there is always someone that drops their plate on the ground. There are some types of food that are hard to get out of the carpet. Every house will end up with spots on the carpet that are called high traffic areas. This is the areas that everyone uses to travel from one place to the next. Then there is the occasion that your carpets may be soaked or flooded with water. You might be under the impression that water is not a big deal but if left untreated the water can lead to major problems. You will end up with mold and mildew growing in the carpet and the padding which can be harmful to your health.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Top Reasons Carpets Can Be Damaged From Water

Roof Leak in Ceiling when it Rains: One of the top reasons that you may end up with water on your carpet is if you have a leak in your roof. The roof is your homes defense from the elements and adverse weather. If it happens to rain the water can be directed to the gutters and sent out of the downspout. There are times that your roof may have even a small amount of damage that will lead to a roof leak. The roof leak will cause the water to get in the house and drip through the ceiling. This can cause an area of your carpet to become soaked. You want to make sure that you address the roof leak but also the carpet that is soaked right away.
Leaking Pipes: Your home has an entire plumbing system that is installed to get the water from the water source to the appliances and other areas of your home. The plumbing includes pipes that are in the walls and under the sinks. These pipes can have a leak in them that will allow the water to leak out and on the floor. Sometimes it is leaking behind a wall which is harder to figure out where it is coming from. You want to shut off the water to the house and have the leak repaired. You also need to have the carpets cleaned as well and treated for the water damage.
Faulty Appliance: The other problem that you might have that will end up with water leaking on your carpet is an appliance that leaks. There are some appliances such as dishwasher and the water heater that have water running to them. If the appliance leaks it will send the water flooding the house and causing water damage. You want to turn off the water to the house and have the flood cleaned quickly. You may be able to have your appliance repaired or replaced if necessary.

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