Do’s & Don’ts of Natural Stone Cleaning & Maintenance in Dunwoody, GA; Clean Stains ASAP & More

For homeowners that invest in natural stone countertops, vanity tops, shower walls or floors, it is essential to know how to care for natural stone. Natural stone is expensive but can last forever with proper care. Many homeowners don’t always realize that natural stone can easily erode, even inside the home. DM Carpet Cleaning will share the dos and don’ts of natural stone care and cleaning to ensure your home’s natural stone lasts a lifetime. When investing in natural stone, it is important to know about the ongoing care that stone requires. As the needs of each stone varies, they all share a few basic needs. When caring for natural stone, there are a few basic aspects of what to do and what not to do when caring for natural stone.

Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

When you have natural stone in your home, there are universal rules and one is to keep dirt off of the stone. You never want dirt to stay on the surface of stone as it can cause scratches and ruin the sealer. For floors and other surfaces, use a soft dust mop or cleaning cloth to clean off dirt and debris. As floors must withstand a lot of foot traffic, make sure floors are cleaned daily. Another way to help natural stone floors is to consider using floor mats at the exterior entrances, which helps protect the floor and reduces the amount of dirt that can enter all the way into the home. When spills occur on natural stone of any kind, including water, clean it up immediately to prevent erosion. For countertops, and other surfaces, use coasters to prevent rings, scratches and premature wear of the sealer. Make sure when cleaning natural stone that you use the right cleaner. As stone can vary, so can the cleaner designed for each stone. Make sure to regularly clean the surface of the stone to ensure the sealer and stone’s longevity. There will come a time when the stone will need to be polished and resealed or finished. Make sure to never postpone refinishing the stone as the stone can begin to erode and degrade without the protective sealer.

What to Avoid when Cleaning & Caring for Natural Stone

When having natural stone in the home it is important what not to do, to prevent damaging the stone. First, never drag heavy furniture across stone floors. For countertops or vanity tops, avoid putting hot pans or curling irons on the stone’s surface. The heat can burn the sealer and leave permanent burn marks on the stone. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners often make is using the wrong cleaner. Currently it is a popular trend to use vinegar or lemon juice as they as well as natural cleaners do not affect the environment. However, when it comes to natural stone, nothing ruins the stone faster than vinegar, lemon/lime juice, ammonia and bleach. When cleaning natural stone, make sure to only use the commercial product designed for the type of natural stone that you have in your home.

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