Parvo Virus Carpet Cleaning Protocol in Covington, GA; Disinfecting Parvo & Removing Pet Feces, Blood & Vomit Stains & Odors

Has your precious canine companion come down with the Parvo Virus? At this point you may have taken them down to the vet for proper care, where he or she will spend the next few days fighting and hopefully recovering from that awful virus. You may feel at a loss when the veterinarian told you to disinfect your entire home inside and out. We here at DM Carpet Cleaning will help walk you through the steps of disinfecting and most likely removing a few accidental stains.

Where Does Parvo Virus Come From?

To understand how to disinfect your home let’s talk about the basics of parvo. Parvo is an extremely contagious virus that gains strength as the weather cools down. It is usually passed through another infected dog that has spread it through their feces and possibly even vomit. Even if an infected dog went on a walk through same paths you might have taken your dog, it can and often is picked up by your pet. This is why you must cleanse your home of the virus before your pet returns home or they can get the virus again.

What Kills Parvo in the Yard? Parvo Disinfectant Spray

Start by using bleach. Dilute it with water at about 1 to 10 ratio. Then you will want to spray your entire back and front yard thoroughly. The bleach won’t harm your grass or other plants if diluted. Then also bleach all hard surfaces inside your home, especially floors. Now carpets will take a little more effort. Bleaching carpets isn’t always an option unless you want bleach stain on your carpets.

How to Remove the Parvo Virus from Carpets

For cleaning carpets you can try using a store bought or rented carpet steam vacuum. Start by using hot water in the steamer and canvas the entire carpeted area. With parvo, comes vomiting and diarrhea. If you have these stains on your carpet which is common, you will then want to focus on removing the stain. The hot water from store bought or rented plug in machines only lifts up the surface layer as these machines as powerful as the truck mounted machines professional carpet cleaners use. You will next have to use a pet stain remover for the stains. You can use a commercial pet stain remover or in the case of a parvo stain, you may find that using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will do the trick a little bit better. Often dogs that have diarrhea with the parvo virus will have some blood mixed in the stool. The hydrogen peroxide/baking soda mixture lifts the blood out of the carpet fibers. Then use the steamer with just hot water to suck up the stain remover and stain. Next you need to disinfect the carpet. Find a pet-safe disinfectant that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill parvovirus. Next you will want to put this inside the carpet steamer. Each requires a different level of dilution. Read the label for directions. Now use the steamer filled with the disinfectant. Use this to clean your carpets. You may want to rewash with hot water again. Read the label of the disinfectant solution and if it’s suggested you rewash, they you should rewash. If they require you to rewash the carpet with water make sure to leave the disinfectant on the carpet long enough to soak deep into the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning, Pet Stain & Odor Removal in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville and Atlanta Georgia

You may find the carpets are the most difficult to clean as parvo will seep deep into your carpet fibers. The stains caused by the diarrhea are no joke either. Parvo has a powerful smell that you will find hard to miss. Without deep cleaning the carpets properly, the smell and possibly the virus will haunt you. The best action to take is to hire a professional carpet cleaner to do a thorough job of cleaning and disinfecting the parvo from your tile, carpets, rugs and upholstery. Your returning companion will certainly thank you. We at DM Carpet Cleaning wish your pet a complete recovery.

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