Keep Your Commercial Office, Restaurant & Other Business Floors Clean in Duluth, GA

Your commercial flooring is a huge part of the look of your office building. When it is dirty or messy it can really make an impact on the feel of your business. You don’t want to have potential clients, employees and vendors coming in and thinking that you don’t take good care of your business. The time of year is fast approaching that happens to be the hardest on your commercial floors. The drop in the temperatures and the winter weather makes more of a mess outside that is then brought into your office. You want to take steps to keep your commercial floors from carpet to tile looking its very best.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps to Care For Your Commercial Floors this Holiday Season

Use Walk Off Mats at Entry Ways: When you have guests that are coming in and out of your commercial location in the winter they are likely in a hurry. The outside weather especially when it is inclement weather means the ground is most likely wet. The wetness and the weather is not a great blend when you are running in an office. This is why laying out mats either right outside the door or even just inside the door is a great idea. This will help to stop the mud, dirt and debris that is sure to be stuck on shoes from getting in your commercial space. These mats need to be cleaned and exchanged regularly so they are able to do their job.
Increase Frequency of Cleaning Service: When you are in an area that has suffered from bad weather like rain or snow you need to increase the frequency of floor cleaning. You may need to have the janitorial staff out more often and when the come out to take more time on the floors. You may also want to increase the frequency of calling out a professional tile and carpet cleaner. We can get down to these spills and stains and have them cleaned before they become a problem.
Use ‘Please Wipe Your Feet Signs’: It is not an ideal option but if you set out signs near the front of your entrance it may slow people down. When you have bad weather you want to set out a sign that informs anyone that is coming that the floors are wet. When you see one of them you are likely to slow down and even wipe your feet off better. This will help to reduce the traffic that is bringing in the mess as well as protecting people from slipping when the enter.

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Your commercial floors play an important role in running your business. That is why it is extremely important to have them clean all year long. Using some specialized tips for the winter and when there is inclement weather will help the floors from getting to messy in a single day. Calling out a professional carpet and tile cleaning company is a great way to start off the season to ensure your floors are as clean as possible before the weather starts to get cool. We can then do follow up cleaning to keep them looking their best all year. DM Carpet Cleaning offers a myriad of cleaning, repair and restoration services. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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