Carpet Ripples & Bubbling Up in Roswell, GA? Restretching Carpeting to Get Wrinkles Out

Carpets are constantly affected by stretching, which in turn, leaves ripples through your carpet. These ripples can leave your otherwise smooth flat carpet looking a mess. Some wonder what causes carpets to ripple. DM Carpet Cleaning will share some of the most common causes of carpet rippling and how some can be prevented. Bear in mind that carpet ripples can be repaired as they occur. However, knowing what can cause carpet to ripple can help reduce or prevent future ripples in your carpets.

What Causes Carpet Wrinkles, Ripples, Bulging & Bubbling Up?

Humidity & Carpet – One of the common offenders that cause carpets to ripple is the humidity. Especially in the state of Georgia where the Atlantic Ocean affects our climate and cause regular humidity throughout the state. As the moisture from the humidity absorbs into your carpets the carpet will begin to swell or expand. After the carpet relaxes by the humidity it can leave the carpets a bit stretched out. Having a lot of foot traffic on carpet affected by the humidity will also leave behind ripples. Dehumidifiers can help reduce the amount of moisture that affects your carpet on especially high humid days.
Moving Heavy Items on Carpet – Another common problem that creates ripples in your carpet is moving or constantly readjusting heavy objects on your carpet. When you drag heavy furniture or other objects, you can pull the edges of the carpets away from the tack strip or even stretch the carpet out. You should always get the help of another person and lift the items. If you’re unable to get help or the items are still too heavy then use a hand cart and roll the items around instead of dragging them.
Poor Carpet Installation – Sometimes carpet can be poorly installed and the edges of the carpet are not secured down properly. Should this occur, they can become de-attached. Another installation problem that causes ripple is when the carpet wasn’t pulled tight as it was secured down on the tack strips. It won’t take long for ripples to appear if the carpet was installed incorrectly.
Wrong Carpet Under Pad – There are times when the homeowner chooses to use a cheaper or thinner under padding to help save money. This is a common mistake. When the under padding is too thin it creates slack in the carpet. The slack will lead to stretching. Over time as you walk along the carpet it will stretch out and leave ripples. Make sure when buying carpet, you use the recommended padding for proper durability.
Water Exposure to Carpet – If a flood occurred on the carpet from a broken or leaking water pipe or even from poor carpet cleaning techniques, this can leave too much moisture locked inside your carpets. Like humidity, too much water exposure can leave carpet stretched out which in turns leaves ripples in your carpets. It is important to extract as much water as you can out of the carpets once it has been exposed. You can use a wet vac to extract water if a flood occurs. If you’re steam cleaning your carpets, don’t over saturate the carpet and make sure to extract the water properly.

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If your carpet has ripples, DM Carpet Cleaning can help remove them with our carpet stretching repair services. We can re-tighten your carpet with our state of the art equipment and techniques. You can have smooth flat carpets once again. Contact DM Carpet Cleaning today.

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