Vinegar, Baking Soda Freshener & Other Odor Removal Carpet Deodorizers in Duluth, GA

When you come home from a long day at work to find that your house has a bad odor can be a real annoyance. The odors can come from many different areas. One could be the trash if you forgot to run it out the night before. Another common reason that your home has a bad odor can be from pet odor. The dog or cat can smell themselves or they can have accidents that have soaked in the carpet. The carpets act just like a sponge that soak up smells and odors on a daily basis. If your carpets are the cause you may think you have no recourse. You can take some easy home steps to treat bad smells. There are some ways to not only add a good fragrance to the house but help pull the cause of the odor out of the carpets while you are at it.

Use a Carpet Deodorizer

If you are sure that your odors are coming from your carpets you want to work to counteract the problem. The smells can be from spills and even pet odors which all can lead to smells that extend through the house. The best way to combat the smells is to use a product that is able to absorb the odors that are deep in the fibers and padding. You can make your own product that you have in your home already. Take your everyday household baking soda which you can use on its own but it is best to use an additive. The additive can be several drops of an essential oil. The oils come in many different smells that you can choose from depending on your own likes. The oils should he dripped into the baking soda and left to dry out overnight. You then want to use a baby powder bottle or something similar to sprinkle the product on your carpet. You want to evenly spread the oil and baking soda across the floor and allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes. Then take your vacuum and slowly go over the entire area. You may need to go slow and repeat areas several times to get all the powder up. This will help to leave your carpets smelling better. You can also use vinegar as a way to neutralize your carpet odors. The vinegar can be sprayed across the floors and allowed to sit until it is dry. Your home will smell like the vinegar while it is drying then it will be odor free.

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Once you are happy with your carpets odor you can always schedule to have them cleaned professionally. The carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis to treat for stains and spots as well as treat for odors that may be smelling up your house. DM Carpet Cleaning offers many quality cleaning and restoration services including carpet cleaning as well as stain and odor removal. Contact us today!

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