How to Get Old Cooking Grease, Bike, Axle & Other Oil Stains Out of Carpet in Alpharetta, GA

If you are like most people, you want to clean stains off your carpet as soon as possible. One of the problems that you might encounter are stains that are not easy to remove. They are stains that are generally hard to treat whether it is on your clothes, carpet, rugs or upholstery. One of those stains that are difficult to treat is grease. Grease seems impossible to treat and get off your carpets. It can come from anything that is greasy such as pizza, off your shoes, and much more. You need to have particular methods to get grease off your carpets.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Ways to Remove Grease Stains From Your Carpet

How to Remove Grease Stains from Carpet: If you want to try to get the grease out of your carpet yourself or at least do what you can until the carpet cleaner shows up you need to use a tried method. You want to start the project like you do lots of carpet cleaning projects and that is dabbing away what excess you can. Get a good absorbent cloth and dab away at the area to remove the excess. Then you can use an absorbent material such as cornstarch or cornmeal. This is applied to the area and allowed to sit for a few minutes. Then you can use a bristle brush to break up the material that you used. Then you need to follow up with a dry cleaning solution. This is what is referred to as a dry spotter. You take dry cleaning solvent and mix with coconut oil. It is eight parts solvent to one part oil and then you apply it to the affected area. You want to then use a sponge to dab away the dry spotter and the break up the grease at the same time. Finish with a fresh clean cloth and a cool water cleanser.
Vinegar Grease Remover: You want to start this method just like you did the other. Dab away what you can with a clean cloth. Then you want to dampen the area with cold water and a clean sponge. Once you have done that be sure to apply a cleaning solution. You can use a dish soap and water solution that you keep in a spray bottle for stain removal treatments. Once you have allowed the cleaning solution to work you can lay an absorbent towel on the spot and weight it down. You may need to change out the towel or padding several times to clean the entire area. This method works best if you apply it numerous times.

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Once you have done your best to clean the stain or you are not sure that this is something you want to attempt, you may need to call a professional carpet cleaning company. DM Carpet Cleaning offers expert floor cleaning and other quality services.

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