Different Types of Grout for Tile Floors, Showers & Other Surfaces in Conyers, GA; Sanded, Unsanded & Epoxy Grouts

When you are choosing the right tile for your flooring, it doesn’t end with the tile. You have to choose the right grout as well. You may not have realized that there are even different grouts to choose from. Depending on the type of tile you choose, you need to choose from three types of grout: sanded, unsanded, and epoxy. DM Carpet Cleaning is here to explain what applications require which type of grout to help you make the best decision for your tile project.

When You Would Choose Sanded Grout

When you tile flooring that is designed to have larger grout joints in it, you would choose sanded grout. The cement-based mortar has tiny bits of sand in it to help with the curing process. If your grout lines are going to be wider than 1/8 inch wide, you need to have sanded grout lines to add strength and durability. Be aware that if you are choosing a marble tile or one with a smooth finish, the sand in the grout could possibly scratch the tile’s surface. Sanded grout lines are an excellent choice for natural stone tiles and other heavier tiles like glass.

Why Would You Choose Unsanded Grout

If the grout lines in your tile flooring are going to be between 1/16 and 1/8 inch wide joints, unsanded grout is going to be the best option for you. Unsanded grout doesn’t have the sand to give it strength and will most likely crack when used on grout lines that are wider than 1/8 inch. When tiling a surface that is vertical like a wall, non-sanded grout lines are a great option. They aren’t as heavy and offer a more solid solution than sanded grout does. Unsanded grout is definitely easier to work with a lot of the time, but should only be used in the right setting or it will be a disaster.

Epoxy Grout

When it comes to epoxy grout, you can’t go wrong. It is a good choice for any grout lines. You can count on it being water resistant as well as stain resistant. Epoxy grout is also the most expensive grout you can choose and that is why people usually choose one of the other two options. When you have a tile like marble, this is a great grout option because you don’t have to worry about sand scratching the surface. Epoxy grout is a two-chemical process that consists of a base and activator. You only have a limited amount of time before it is stiff and no longer pliable. When working with epoxy grout, you need to be quick in the application.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

No matter which type of grout you choose for you tile flooring, it is important to maintain it properly or it won’t last as long. Having your tile and grout cleaned professionally, removes the buildup of dirt and debris that can cause corrosion and damage your tile and grout. Sealing your tile flooring is an important part of the cleaning process to protect it from future spills and stains. DM Carpet Cleaning offers tile & grout cleaning as well as sealing to keep your tile flooring protected from everyday wear. Contact us for all your cleaning and restoration needs!

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