Can Old, Dirty Carpets Cause Health Problems in Alpharetta, GA? Need for Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are widely used in home and commercial settings. Carpet is a great flooring that helps to provide a soft surface which also helps to reduce noises and improve energy efficiency within the home. Even though carpet is a great flooring choice with many benefits, carpet can also make you sick. Carpet, if poorly kept, can cause illnesses. Some illnesses will be minor while other times dirty carpet can lead to more serious illnesses. DM Carpet Cleaning will share how carpet can lead to illness and why they require proper cleaning.

What Lives in Dirty Carpet?

When asking the question “can carpets make you sick”? Often another question is asked, “what is in your carpets”? A carpet’s design can allow dirt and other particles to become trapped which create a perfect breeding ground. When looking deeper into the fibers of the carpets, in many home’s it is common to find:
• Dirt or Dust
• Pet Dander or Pet Hair
• Human Hair and Dead Skin Cells
• Food Particles
• Mold, Fungi, and Bacteria
• Pollen
• Food Particles
• Pest Husks and Other Waste

How Do You Know if Your Dirty Carpet is Making You Sick?

When breaking down the different contaminates that is often found in the average household’s carpets, it comes as no surprise that carpet can be the root of an illness. These common elements that are found in many household carpets often cause indoor allergies. For those with sensitive immune systems, the carpets are often a common trigger for allergies. However, it can get worse, particularly for those with respiratory problems. For those with asthma, respiratory infections, and other similar problems, dirty carpets can trigger asthma attacks and make infection worse. If mold develops in the carpets, know that some molds can be very harmful. Mold can infect the lungs as well as cause skin irritations.

What is the Best Way to have Your Carpets Cleaned?

To fight back against dirty, unhealthy carpets, you should begin with routine vacuuming. It is recommended for busier households to vacuum their carpet every other day and in less busy homes, once a week. By routinely vacuuming the carpet you will remove much of the trapped dirt and other contaminants in the carpet. Along with routine vacuuming, you will also want to make sure the carpets get cleaned. Carpet needs to be deep cleaned to help remove mold, bacteria, fungi, and of course, the dirt. When carpets are deep cleaned by a professional service, they are able to extract pollutants deep within the carpet fibers, removing all of the contaminants in the carpet. If the carpet has strong odors, this will indicate bacteria, mold or fungi in the carpet. When cleaning carpet, especially those that smell bad, a professional service gets to the root of the problem. They can chemically clean the carpet that will kill the living organisms in the carpet. Carpet should be deep cleaned every three to six months. The busier the home the more cleaning it will need. For those with kids and pets in the home it is recommended to have the carpet cleaned every 3 to 4 months. If you have a smaller household, and no pets, it is good to have the carpets cleaned every 6 months. With routine vacuuming and deep cleaning you can have clean and healthy carpets.

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For those who may feel their carpet may be the root of some illness in the home and want to have their carpets deep cleaned, contact DM Carpet Cleaning today.

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