Bleach Stain Carpet Dyeing Repair in Roswell, GA; How to Clean & Remove Fresh & Old Bleach Spots

Carpets can endure a lot of abuse and in many cases, spills, stains and accidents that are contended with right away can be easily removed with the right home remedies and quick action. However, one of the worst things to happen to your carpets is when bleach or a chemical mixed with bleach, spots up the carpet; or worse yet a serious spill takes place tarnishing the carpet with bleach in a pool of disaster. Before we at DM Carpet Cleaning get into what steps to take to correct the bleach spot dilemma, it’s important to understand some fundamentals about bleach.

What is Bleach & Is It a Spot or a Stain?

A common misconception about bleach is that it is a stain, and all it takes is the right mixture to remove the “stain”. But the reality of bleach is far more serious than spilling some wine on your carpet; bleach is actually a chemical agent that dissolves color pigment. Once the bleach has lifted out the color pigment, you can’t simply apply some vinegar and boom; it is restored, despite what some advice is being shared. Now if you happen to spill some bleach or bleach related products, you can minimize the damage by halting the progress. Note the following when treating bleach:
– Do not use hot water to treat stains.
– Do not use colored or printed cloths or towels to treat bleach stains.
– Do not rub, scrub, and wipe vigorously. All this will do is spread out the bleach and push it deeper in the fibers.

How to Remove a Fresh Bleach Spot Stain

– With the use of a clean and dry white clot; blot the moisture of the bleach, gently. Start on the exteriors of the spot and work your way into the center to avoid the bleach from spreading out.
– With cool water, minimally sponge water onto the spots, for a light rinse. Blot dry again.
– In a squirt bottle, add 1 cup of water, with ¼ cup white vinegar to neutralize the bleach. Be sure the formula is well mixed, and moderately spray onto the bleached area. Allow mixture to set for at least 5 minutes.
– With a water dampened cloth, blot the spot to rinse the area.
– Blot the wet area with a dry cloth to pull up the excess moisture.
– Contact a professional for further repairs.

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There is some advice that is floating the cyber waves that suggests filling in the bleached spot with a crayon. We strongly recommend you skip that step and contact DM Carpet Cleaning today. We can professionally match your carpet’s color and repair the bleach spots back to their original glory and you will never know there was a bleached spot. Our technicians are completely trained and experienced and can perform the carpet dyeing to repair bleached spots quickly and efficiently. Call us today to schedule your appointment and save yourself the hundreds if not thousands of dollars it would cost to replace your carpet.

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