Anti-Static Carpet Treatment; How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your Conyers, GA House

Almost every home has that one room that just seems to create a lot of static energy in it and your carpets are to blame. It is not just because you have a bad habit of dragging your feet as to why you seem to keep shocking yourself and others around you either. As sometimes it is fun to play a childish prank on the closest victim but there are times you want to avoid such behavior. Especially if you want to pick up your child. You might think there is no way to stop the static discharges besides not dragging your feet. But there are reasons why some rooms develop a static charge and there are ways to reduce and stop the static emanating from your carpets. DM Carpet Cleaning will share the whys and how’s.

Effect of Humidity on Static Electricity

There are two main reasons as to why some carpets seem to have a lot of static charge other than dragging your feet. Of course, not dragging your feet will help reduce some of the static. However, it has been discovered that nylon carpets hold much more static energy than polyester carpets or wool carpets. Another major contributor to static is dry rooms. Meaning rooms that have low humidity levels or less moisture in the air. In turn, this makes these rooms suffer from static or electrical build ups. Why you wonder? Well in truth, all rooms develop static but those with humidity or moisture in the air will fall on the surface of the carpets and create a protective barrier between you and the static.

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your House

Now that we know what causes the static, let’s discuss how to reduce the static on the carpets. To start, if the weather permits you can open a few windows to allow the fresh air and moisture to come into those areas with a lot of static. You use a humidifier to add you own moisture to a room as well. These steps are simple and work great. There are some other methods; you will find that some commercial stores sell an anti-static spray you can apply on your carpets. However there are some downsides to this method. One, you will need to spray fairly often and this will make your carpets sticky. This sticky layer will eventually make the dirt stick to your carpet making them very dirty. You will need to have your carpets cleaned more often and you will always need to reapply the anti-static spray. Another alternative is making your own anti-static spray. To make your own anti-static spray without that nasty stickiness is to use a spray bottle with 8oz. of water, mixed with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and fabric softener together. This homemade remedy will create that protective layer you want and even make your carpets smell fresh.

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It’s become rather annoying to keep zapping yourself or being zapped by others. If you have had enough of the static charge in your carpets, try some of these simple methods for reducing if not eliminating the static in your carpets and in your home. DM Carpet Cleaning hopes we were able to assist you in your quest to rid your carpets of static electricity. DM Carpet Cleaning has many cleaning and restoration services. See what we can do for you and your home. Contact us today.

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