Best Way to Clean Heavily Soiled, Disgusting Carpet Stains in Stone Mountain, GA

Spots and stains are not something that is often anticipated and even then, it is avoided like the plague. When it comes to treating the spots, the majority of the spills should be cleaned right away and other techniques appropriately applied to avoid these blemishes from becoming permanent annoyances or other damage. Today, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to share the correct techniques in treating your carpets when clearing up stains and spots.

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

1) Remove the bulk from carpet. Semi-solid or solid spills, gummy substances, and hard substances will need to be remove from the surface before you can treat the spot. Scraping the gunk off with a dull-edged tool, such as spoon, spatula, or butter knife is important as you do not want to cut into the carpet. The right correct technique is going in at the right to pressure and angle to avoid spreading or pushing the substance out or into the carpet.
2) Get the moisture out of carpet. Spills that consist of primarily of liquid need to have excess moisture sopped up before treating stains. Carpets that are too wet can result in water damage or mold growth. Using a towel, cloth, or paper towels to absorb the moisture is ideal, be sure to blot with moderate pressure and remove the liquid. Wet/dry vac or carpet cleaning machine is even better at extracting the extra water.
3) Avoid scrubbing the carpet. The carpet spills require blotting techniques for effective removal. Spills can be spread out and deeper in the carpet by scrubbing and rubbing. To better contain the mess, blot the outer perimeter and work towards the center. Blotting is the ultimate technique to avoid making the blemish worse and to effectively remove spots and stains. Use blotting to absorb excess moisture, treating the spill, and to remove the excess moisture from the cleaner.
4) Patch test carpet cleaners. No matter if you prefer the commercial pre-made cleaners or DIY cleaners, you need to conduct the patch test. The patch test should be done in an inconspicuous location no matter if it is something you used before because the formula might have changed, or you have different carpets. Carpet fibers can be discolored or faded as well because the chemical can react poorly to the dye or the type of material and damage it. Ensuring the cleaner will not negatively impact the carpet is an essential part of the process.

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DM Carpet Cleaning is readily available to treat the spots and stains that besmirch your Los Angeles, California carpets. Using the proper techniques to remove the spots and stains is essential to keep the carpets clean and in prime condition. Our team of experts are well trained to care for your carpets while combating the stains spots. When you need the carpets cleaned to remove the spots and stains, our professionals will treat your carpets will effectively remove spots and stains to leave your carpets looking their best. Call DM Carpet Cleaning today to clean your carpets.

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