Atlanta Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Do you have beautiful hardwood floors? Are they looking their best or are they starting to look like they have seen better days? Hardwood floors are a wonderful upgrade to any home and can add value to the resale of your house. Even if you take wonderful care of your floors and keep them clean, they can start to look scratched and worn. Just walking through the room with shoes on can begin to add scratches and scrapes to the wood. Also in areas that you have chairs or stools, larger scrapes from the chairs being pulled in and out can cause deeper gauges. This can leave your floors looking discolored and uneven. The best way to take care of any wear and tear is to have your hardwood floors refinished by a professional like D&M Carpet Cleaning.

Can you Refinish a Pre-Finished Floor?

Most floors come pre-finished when they are installed and YES you can refinish them. The coating that comes on the floor can be slowly stripped away and could be worse in some high traffic areas than other spots. This can be a good reason to have them refinished. To be able to refinish the floors you need to have the previous finish sanded and stripped off.

Will Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cause a lot of Dust?

The machines that are used to sand the floors usually have a bag that collects the sand that comes off. Most companies will also hang plastic to help contain any dust that might be floating through the air. Even with all these precautions there will still be some clean up that will need to take place. D&M Carpet Cleaning won’t leave you to clean up any of the mess! They will be sure to have the place dust free before they leave.

How long will Hardwood Floor Refinishing take?

Most of the time, the hardwood floor refinishing process takes 24 hours for each coat that is placed on the floors. Usually there are 3 coats of polyurethane put on the floors. That would mean that it takes about 3 days for that process. You also need some time to clear and sand the floor to prep it.

How long do you need to wait to walk on the floors?

After about 24 hours after the last coat is applied, you can begin to walk on the floor and you can place furniture back. Waiting about 14 days to place any large rugs gives it time to cure and set properly. Refinishing hardwood floors can get your floors back to looking their best and can be much more cost efficient than replacing the floors.

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