Atlanta Carpet Repair vs Replacement

Carpet is an excellent flooring choice, making a home welcoming, comfortable and easy on the feet. Carpet is extremely cost effective, easy to decorate with due to the endless variety of colors, textures and patterns, and inexpensive to replace and repair. Many homeowners immediately jump to the decision of replacing their carpet without realizing that repairing it is actually a viable option to consider. Although some carpet is in poor condition and past the point of choosing to repair it, there are some other situations when you may want to look at what would be better, repairing or replacing.

Carpet Replacement Woes

When replacing your carpet, there are a handful of other things to consider that come along with this decision. You must decide if you will install the same carpet as before, or choose something different, which sometimes can take quite a while given how many options that are available. Installing new carpet also means that you will be installing new padding, this will cost extra as well. Replacing carpet is more labor intensive, and you must consider the cost of paying for the labor, cost of tearing the carpet out and disposing of the old carpet. The costs that accompany replacing carpet can add up quickly leaving you with a hefty expense. However, it is not impossible to stay within your budget and feel happy with your choice of replacing rather than repairing.

Carpet Repair Stretching Solutions for Ripples and Carpet Patching for Bleach Stains

The scenarios that may require a quick repair rather than an entire replacement of your carpet may include ripples that have formed throughout your carpet, or a bleach stain on a patch of your carpet. A room that receives heavy foot traffic or that houses heavy furniture will often experience carpet ripples. This can be easily repaired through carpet stretching. Having your carpet stretched will remove the ripples throughout the room and leave your carpet looking smooth and flat. The bleach stain may have you thinking that you have to replace the entire room’s carpet, this is not true. A simple patch can replace the stained piece, saving you money and giving you the result you desired. A replacement patch will make your carpet look as good as new. However, if you have many stains throughout the room, this may not be the better option, rather replacing would be the avenue to take.
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