How to Remove Old Stains from Carpet in Atlanta Georgia

Do you have the never ending spills on your carpet like most people do? You can find yourself cleaning spills up all the time from pets to kids. The carpet in your home can take up over half of the flooring and needs to be treated for all the types of traffic and stains that come along with it. There are some types of spills that need to be treated a special way to ensure they are removed appropriately. If you have a service where the carpets are cleaned regularly you can find it is easier to take care of the occasion spill on your own. D&M Carpet Cleaning can set you up to have your carpets cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Here are some tips on how to take care of different types of spills.

Water Soluble Stains: This can include spills from items such as cola, food dye, gravy, ice cream and mud. This is the usually the simplest type of stain to take care of on your own. These types of stains need to be blotted to remove any excess spill. After it has been blotted out you can take a mixture of vinegar and water added to a wash cloth to remove these types of stains.

Some water soluble stains such as blood, chocolate and wine need to be handled a little more carefully than the rest. You will need to take care of these spills right away because the longer they sit the harder they will be to remove. You can add to your water and vinegar mixture a little ammonia to try and break down the spills from these types of stains.

Fat, Oil and Wax: These stains are exactly what you can think of. If you spill some essential oils or you have a greasy dinner that leaves a stain ojn the carpet when spilled. It could be from blowing out a candle that has burned for a long time and the wet wax spills out. When this happens the best way to combat this type of stain is to use a brown paper lunch sack and an iron. Set the iron on a hot setting with no steam and iron over the bag that is set on the stain. This will help pull the oil, fat and wax from the carpeting.
If you find yourself with a stain that you just cannot manage on your own you can call D&M Carpet Cleaners to take care of all your stain removal and compete carpet care.

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