What Do You Do if You Spill Something on Your Couch in Roswell, GA? Clean Spills on Fabric Sofa Quickly!

When a major spill falls all over your upholstery, your furniture can become stained or quickly ruined if you do not react properly. There are a wide variety of materials and fabrics that are used for upholstery and each requires their own method of cleaning when a spill occurs. D&M Carpet Cleaning will share how to respond to a spill on your upholstery and share the different types of upholstery and their cleaning needs.

What Do Upholstery Cleaning Codes Mean?

There are many different types of upholstery that vary in different blends of fabric. To help make it easier to identify the upholstery’s cleaning needs, the upholstery should have a tag with a letter which designates a cleaning code. The codes are marked “W”, “S”, and “X”. Below are the codes and how each type is supposed to be cleaned.
• W- Water Based Cleaning Agents
• S- Solvent Based Cleaning Agents
• W/S – Either water or Solvent Based Cleaning Agents
• X- Vacuum and Brush Only/No Cleaners Used

Clean Spills on Fabric Couch Quickly

When you buy furniture always look for the upholstery tag and see the cleaning code attached. Then you will want to keep the proper cleaning agents on hand. This will better prepare you to clean spills when they occur. When cleaning spills you will want to react quickly. Spills can quickly soak into upholstery and leave behind stubborn stains. When a spill occurs you will want to remove the staining substance. If food has fallen on the couch, remove the major pieces of food until only the stain remains. If the stain is from a liquid, grab a dry cloth and press down on the moisture. The cloth should help absorb much of the liquid. If you have a wet/dry shop vac you can even suck out the moisture. When removing the staining substance make sure not to spread the stain.

Best Upholstered Furniture Cleaner

Once you remove most of the staining substance, you can now begin treating the stain. Make sure to check the upholstery tag and use the right cleaner. You can damage and permanently ruin the upholstery by using the wrong cleaner. With the right cleaner on hand, you will want to apply the cleaner to the stain. Follow the cleaning agent’s directions for proper use as they will vary. When cleaning the stain avoid using a colored cloth. Make sure it is white as the colored cloths can bleed into the upholstery. Additionally, never scrub at the stain, but instead use a blotting technique to prevent making the stain worse. It can be very difficult keeping upholstery clean. It is important to clean spills and stains as soon as they occur. To help maintain and remove stubborn stains, you can seek professional upholstery cleaning. You can keep your upholstery clean and extend the life of the upholstery by having it professionally cleaned every six months.

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