What Can Make Carpets Look Worse in Loganville, GA; Not Rinsing After Carpet Cleaning or Treating Stains

Regular care and maintenance keeps the carpets in your home in top condition and looking their best. To ensure the carpeting is always clean, fresh, lush and vibrant, many homeowners use a combination of professional carpet cleaning near me and do-it-yourself methods. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes made in an attempt to properly clean and maintain the carpets and today, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to list the most common of these mistakes.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1) Not treating carpet spills or stains. As quickly as possible, all spills and other stains should be attended. The deeper the stains will saturate carpet fibers, and the harder it will be to remove them the longer you allow them to seep into the carpets. You can risk permanent carpet damage if you do not act quickly.
2) Scrubbing or rubbing carpet stains. The last thing you should do is rub and scrub the area in the event your carpeting does get stained. You will force the stain particles deeper into the carpet fibers and towards the base by applying pressure to the stain. Additionally, scrubbing a stain can significantly damage the fibers that cannot be repaired.
3) Excessive use of shampoo on carpet. Shampooing the carpets from time to time is necessary, though better done by experts. When doing it yourself, it can be harder to rinse the carpeting when too much detergent is used. Water damage can occur and make the carpets are made to look dirty and grimy over time when residual shampoo is left in your carpets as it can actually attract dirt.
4) Not rinsing the carpets after cleaning. Whether you are treating a stain or shampooing the carpets, they need to be efficiently rinsed. Carpeting will present ideal conditions for potentially harmful mold, mildew and fungus growth when any moisture left behind.
5) Neglecting the vacuuming. Dirt and dust collect on the carpets in little time. At the very least, you need vacuum weekly. If you have pets, kids, or are sensitive allergies, live in a dusty environment and so forth, carpets should be vacuumed more often, daily is optimal. You can keep the carpet fibers clean and soft when vacuuming in between full cleanings.
6) Not scheduling professional cleaning services. Bringing in a professional team of expert carpet cleaners is the best way to keep carpeting long-lasting, odor-free and fresh. Not scheduling professional cleaning at least once a year will cause early deterioration, odor and filth buildup, and even impact the indoor air quality.

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