What are the Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning Services in Social Circle, GA? Clean Badly Stained Sofas & More

When cleaning a home there are many different aspects inside of it that need attention. One major element to the home that should be cleaned is the upholstery, which is often skipped or neglected. Families tend to spend a lot of time on their furniture which leads to very dirty upholstery if it is never cleaned. Upholstery should receive a basic maintenance cleaning once a week and a deep cleaning about every six months. DM Carpet Cleaning will share why upholstery should be regularly cleaned and how to perform basic maintenance cleaning.

Is it Worth Getting Your Couch Cleaned?

There are a ton of reasons why you should add your upholstery to your routine cleaning list. The upholstery that covers your furniture is used just about everyday and for long periods of time. The furniture becomes a hot spot for many families. They will do homework on the couch, watch TV, play video games and socialize. The upholstery will develop stains from drinks and food. People will sweat and even leave behind dead skin and hair. For those with pets your upholstery will even become full of pet hair and dander. Upholstery is often full of bacteria, fungi, and even mold. This also contributes to poor indoor air quality, skin irritations and more. To keep the home a healthier environment you will want to keep your upholstery clean. Clean and well maintained upholstery also lasts much longer and looks nice!

How is Upholstery Cleaning Done?

When cleaning your upholstery once a week you only need to remove the dander, hair and dirt. This can be accomplished with vacuuming the upholstery. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner and make sure to clean the entire surface of the furniture including underneath the cushions. You can even mist your upholstery down with an odor remover and disinfectant upholstery spray. However, when spills occur make sure to clean them as soon as they occur to prevent stains. Most stains can be cleaned up with water mixed with liquid dish soap. Make sure to use a blotting technique when cleaning the stain and rinse the site with water. Use a fan to help dry out the upholstery and use the vacuum to help soften up the site of the stains.

Deep Upholstery Cleaning to Clean Badly Stained Upholstery

As a homeowner you should perform basic but weekly cleaning of the upholstery and tend to stains as soon as they occur. However, even with basic cleaning you will want to have the upholstery deep cleaned about every six months. A deep cleaning helps to remove stubborn stains. It also kills and treats the upholstery for mold, bacteria, and other contaminates if they begin to form. You will want to have a professional upholstery cleaning service to do your deep cleanings. A professional service knows how to clean the wide variety of upholstery used. Additionally, they have powerful upholstery cleaning machines that kill contaminates and remove most of the dirt out of the upholstery. Their cleaning equipment can also better remove stubborn stains to revive the look of the upholstery.

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