How Do I Know if My Carpet Needs Steam Cleaning in Loganville, GA? Poor Indoor Air Quality, Stains, Odors & More

Though it is sometimes ends up being put off, a professional carpet cleaning is one of those things every home and business owner knows they should have done regularly. Commercial carpets should be professionally cleaned every 6 months, or more, depending on your business and residential carpets should be cleaned once every year at the minimum. You may not initially be able to tell when you are past due for a professional cleaning if you keep up with routine carpet maintenance such as vacuuming, spot cleaning, and so forth and even though the carpets appear immaculate. However, once you establish routine professional carpet cleaning, you can’t deny the benefits. With this in mind, we at D & M Carpet Cleaning would like to share the signs your carpets need professional deep cleaning.

When Should You Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

1) Obvious Carpet Spots, Stains and Wear. All calling for professional intervention includes tough staining and damage to your carpet such as tearing, flat/worn down areas, and shedding. Your carpets will not only be unattractive when you allow these things to build up, but these eyesores also be harder to maintain on a daily basis. Only a deep cleaning can get beneath the surface layer after dirt is packed in there.
2) Carpet Odor. Along with spills, animal hair, and other debris, the carpets absorb dirt and grime from foot traffic, they absorb the odor of all these things too. A deep cleaning is a must if in the event your carpet is at the point where you can’t ignore the smell, or it permeates your entire house or business.
3) Poor Indoor Air Quality. As time goes on, the dander, dust, and other allergens get trapped in your carpet. They can start to spread around through the air when the allergens accumulate, affecting air quality and triggering allergies. Your carpets are likely the culprit if in the event household members or employees are experiencing new or prolonged symptoms like congestion, runny nose, cough, itchy/watery eyes, and sore throat.
4) Carpet Discoloration. Over time, foot traffic and everyday wear and tear fade the color of your carpets. Due to a buildup of dirt in between carpet fibers is this dulling effect. In both quality and color, a deep cleaning will refresh your carpet fortunately.
5) Time Since Last Carpet Cleaning. As mentioned, at the minimum, your carpets should be cleaned once a year, and twice a year for businesses. However, residential carpet cleaning should consider twice a year as routine maintenance when there is high-traffic carpets and commercial carpets should consider 3-4 times a year with heavily public areas.

Steam Carpet Cleaning & More in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

When you need your carpets cleaned by a professional, whether if it is due for maintenance cleaning or of you are combatting tough stains and/or strong odors in the Greater Metro Atlanta, GA area, call in D & M Carpet Cleaning experts and let us take care of your carpets. Our technicians have all the training and countless experience to ensure they are cleaned properly. In order to maximize the results, our professionals use advanced and powerful equipment and premium products.

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