Upholstery Microfiber & Other Fabric Sofa Cleaning Codes & Symbols in Alpharetta, GA

When it comes to upholstery, different fabrics require special cleaning. As you treat and clean your furniture, you should always check the labels on the upholstery for guidance on how it is to be cleaned. More often than not, the label is marked with a code that indicates the nature of cleaning. For example, when cleaning the couch, the label is usually on the cushion, unless it was removed by an owner. In the event the label is missing from upholstered furniture, you can often find the code on the manufacturer’s website. But knowing what the code’s mean is something else entirely. In an effort to help you know how to decipher the codes, we at D & M Carpet Cleaning would like to share common upholstery cleaning codes.

Cleaning Codes for Microfiber & Other Fabric Sofas

“X”: More commonly found on fabric-made shades and blinds, the “X” code is scarcely used on upholstery. If you do see this code, it basically indicates you should NOT do any other cleaning than vacuuming. Let professionals handle any deep cleaning it may need.
“W”: A “W” code means water can be used in the process of cleaning the upholstery. Liquids in general, including any DIY solutions or department store premade upholstery/carpet cleaners, can be used to treat stains and spills. Dining room chairs and living room couches frequently bare this code on the upholstery label is it usually coincides with durable fabrics that will see a lot of potential accidental spills.
“S”: The code “S” for your upholstery means it requires a cleaning solvent, or dry cleaning solvent, to get it cleaned. Liquids of any kind do not react well to this upholstery. It is recommended to only use these products for home dry cleaning use to spot clean. Such dry cleaning solvents can often be found in some department stores, as well as many home improvement stores. Be sure to read the instructions and follow them according. Because some products, for example, require the use of a blow dryer to completely dry the treated area, or otherwise it could leave behind an obvious ring. Professional cleaning is best suited for a deep cleaning, however, be sure to routinely vacuum the dirt and debris to avoid compacted filth, allowing for a superior result. Additionally, tend to any accidental spills that make contact with the upholstery immediately to maintain the longevity of the colors and the fabric.
“S/W”: The upholstery code “S/W” is combination of dry cleaning solvents and water or other liquid cleaners. If you see this code, let the professionals provide the cleaning and stain removal, as it likely requires a specific combination of the two. In between professional deep upholstery cleaning services, cleanup any spills and consider displaying it in a place in the home where it won’t see a lot of traffic. If you insist on treating any stains, stick with a dry cleaning solvent.

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Cleaning the upholstery can be difficult when removing the compacted debris, stains, and odors. For a deep cleaning every 6-12 months, call in the experts of D & M Carpet Cleaning and our specialists will get your upholstery clean, sanitized, and deodorized in timely manner.

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