Safest Playroom Flooring Options for Babies & Other Kid Friendly Floors in Conyers, GA

There are flooring options for homes that have children, but compromises may have to be made when it comes to safety, functionality and cost. With a little bit of research, you can find the kind of flooring that will be best for your family.

Best Flooring for Rooms with Kids

Kids can do a number on the flooring in your home. From crawling babies, to toddlers and kids tracking dirt into the home, the flooring you choose will have an impact on your quality of life. There are several flooring options available, with some that are more kid-friendly than others. The basic flooring options include hardwood, engineered wood, ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate and carpet. Each of these options have pros and cons that come with them that will help you decide which option will be right for your home.

Safest Flooring for Babies & Kids

When it comes to deciding on the right flooring for a home with children in it, the biggest concern is safety. Kids love to play on the floor and spend lots of time doing it, but little kids fall down a lot. The question you need to ask yourself: is it more important to prevent your kids from hurting your floors, or the floors hurting your kids? Parents always want to keep their kids safe, so let’s look at some cons with flooring options on how hard or soft they are.
Hardwood. Hardwood floors are hard, and it can hurt when kids fall on them. Hardwood flooring can also expand and contract. This can create gaps between the planks and can be dangerous for little kids.
Engineered Wood. This flooring is made up of a composite of hardwood and high-quality plywood. This flooring poses the same risks that hardwood floors do as far as how hard they are and the gaps that can form.
Ceramic Tile. This flooring is harder than hardwood flooring and kids can hurt themselves when they fall. Ceramic tile is also colder to the touch. Many times, parents will place area rugs down where children will be playing.
Laminate. This flooring is a multi-layered composite product that simulates hardwood, tile and stone. This option is safer for children because it’s not as hard as hardwood and tile, but it is more likely to become stained and damaged from spills if children play on them.
Vinyl. Vinyl plank flooring is a good option for homes with children. It won’t hurt so much when children fall on them because of the free-floating installation. They are also very resistant to stains and spills and it’s harder to slip on them. This flooring can also last for up to 20 years. Be careful to choose a vinyl flooring that has had potentially toxic phthalates removed.
Carpet. Of course, carpet is the safest choice for homes with children. It’s soft and it won’t hurt so much if kids fall on them. Carpet also acts as a natural insulator, absorbs sound and is pretty much slip proof. They will need to be vacuumed on a regular basis or children with allergies will be more prone to symptoms.

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