Removing Carpet Filtration Soiling & Wicking Stains in Atlanta, GA; Can Stains that Keep Coming Back Be Fixed?

When it comes to your home you want to do all that you can to keep it clean. There are some areas of the house that needs special attention. You likely have to have your blinds washed down, your rugs taken out and cleaned and of course your carpets needs to look good. The carpets are a big part of the home and if they are not clean the house can seem to also look messy. It is important to have a plan to clean stains and spots that will occur. There are tips and tricks to cleaning them but one issue that people tend to have is when a stain that they think they have removed seems to magically appear again. These reoccurring stains are problematic but there are good reasons that this can and does occur. You want to understand why this is happening and what you can do to stop it. DM Carpet Cleaning outlines what soiling and wicking is and what you can do about it.

What is Carpet Filtration Soiling?

This is a term that is used when you have a stain that you think you have cleaned and it comes back on your carpet. The fact is that when you have a spill on your carpet you might have a way that you clean it. It could be that you wiped it away with your clean cloth or you used a cleaning solution to work it away. When it comes to the stain coming back it usually looks the same shape as the previous stain and is in the same spot. The fact is that the stain is not the same one but rather the original stain was not cleaned properly. One of the mistakes that are made happens to be when you don’t remove the residue from the cleaning product that you use. This creates a sticky residue that will not only attract dirt but it will absorb to the spot as well. This is why the stain has occurred but it was due to the sticky left over residue. The great thing is that you have another chance to clean the stain and your carpets.

Can Carpet Wicking Be Fixed?

The other part of stains that come back after you have cleaned them is called wicking. The issue is that you likely had a stain that was high in moisture. The moisture can soak down in the carpet, backing and padding. The issue comes when you try to clean the stain and you stop short of cleaning the top surface only. The underlying stain is still there but the carpet seems to look clean. The way that is reoccurs is the carpet is then walked on and the stain is pulled back to the surface. This is something that can be harder to clean.

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If you find that you have stains that are coming back up on your carpet you want to call out a professional. We can treat for stains that are high in moisture and stains that have a residue that you may have left behind. You want to point out any problem areas that you are concerned about so we can pre-treat them. DM Carpet Cleaning can come out and clean hard to treat stains. Call us today!

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