Best Carpet for Pets & High Traffic in Porterdale, GA; Polyester Carpets with a Cut Pile in Similar Color to Pet’s Fur!

When you are ready to replace the carpet or flooring in your home you want to make sure that you take into account many relevant factors. One of the aspects that you want to make sure you think about is the pets you have in your home. The most common pets that are in most homes are cats and dogs. They are often a part of the family and are allowed to live in the house and enjoy all the amenities that you do as well. This means that when you are taking time to choose things such as furniture and of course carpet you should think about your pets. They are a part of the family but can also bring in a unique set of problems for the home as well. You want to make sure when you have carpet installed it is the right kind of carpet to ensure it lasts. There are a few things that you can consider when you are choosing to install carpet. DM Carpet Cleaning outlines what you need to know about carpet installation with pets.

Best Carpet Pile for Pets; Loop or Cut?

When it comes to carpets it isn’t just about the color that will best fit your home and style. There are several areas you want to look at and that you can choose from. One of them is the type of pile you are getting. The pile is how the carpet is formed and there are really two main types. One is called looped and this is when the fibers that are used to create the carpets are looped over. When you get close to the carpet you can see small loops of carpet that make up the top of the carpet that you will walk on. The other type is called cut. This means that those loops are gone and you will see that the fibers are open at the ends. Each loop seems to look like it was cut in the middle to create a different type of pile. When it comes to pets the best option is to go with a cut pile. This is due to your pets nails and the fact that they can get stuck in the loops and pull them free.

What Type Of Carpet Fiber for Dogs & Cats; Nylon or Polyester?

The other area of carpet that you want to make sure you consider is the fibers that your carpet is made from. The most common two types are called nylon and polyester. They are both used in homes all over the United States. These two types can be found readily and are great in many homes. They each have a way to protect them from staining but the better of the two happens to be polyester. There are great upgrades to protect the carpet so that any stains from your pet can be removed with ease.

Choose Carpet Color Similar to Colors of Pet’s Fur

Just know that when you have carpet you will see your pets hair on it in between vacuuming and professional cleaning. The best thing you can do is to avoid colors that are a stark contrast to your pet if possible. A slightly darker carpet is usually best for hair as well for stains from pet accidents as well.

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