Myths VS Facts; The Truth About Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Fulton County GA

There is a lot of stipulation concerning professional carpet cleaning. Many hear a few opinions of others and take it as bible truth.

Well, today D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to let you in on facts regarding professional carpet cleaning and dispel some of the myths floating around.

Myth: Steam cleaning ruins carpets.
Fact: It is true many professionals use steam cleaning, which is hot water extraction. A trained technician knows how to work the equipment properly, and using the correct detergents, push out the underlying dirt and stains; leaving a clean and sanitized carpet in its wake without any damage to carpets. The amateur, however, can misuse the equipment and use wrong detergents or too much water that will ruin carpets.
Myth: Carpets that appear clean don’t need a professional cleaning.
Fact: Not true. Some carpets can mask the dirt better than others, but after time; dirt, bacteria, and filth build up. Dirt can be very abrasive to carpets and will wear the carpet out much sooner if left untreated.
Myth: Carpets under a year old don’t need professional cleaning.
Fact: A common misconception. Dirt and soil that has not reached the surface area is still present. By the time you can see the dirt, the damage it causes has already started. If you attend to the dirt below the surface beforehand, you can extend the life and vibrancy of your fresh new carpet.
Myth: Carpet deodorizer powder is enough to keep carpet fresh and clean.
Fact: Over-used scented carpet powders cause unnecessary damage. It is impossible for the vacuum to collect all the powder and the residue left behind only creates additional dust.
Myth: Once a professional cleaning has been done, the carpet gets filthier faster.
Fact: This myth was true in the earlier years of carpet shampooing, leaving behind a dirt attracting residue. After years of evolution in the field, detergents used by professionals have been engineered to clean carpets without leaving behind that residue that magnetizes dirt.
Myth: Over vacuuming carpets can be detrimental.
Fact: No one can achieve ruining carpets with over vacuuming. Even if you vacuum twice a day every day, the carpet fibers will not be harmed, and only a portion of the dirt will be sucked up.
Myth: Owning a carpet shampooer means DYI is just as good as a professional.
Fact: Most department store cleaners for ownership or rent are perfectly equipped to disperse the water in your carpet, but rarely handle pulling out all the water leading to potential mold problems. Professionals are able to obtain appropriate equipment to handle the job, and has the know how to execute the perfect cleaning. D&M Carpet Cleaning utilizes powerful truck mounted equipment to extract water, dirt and contaminants from your carpets.
Myth: Cheaper carpet can save money.
Fact: Another common mistake. Cheap carpet is that way due to the low quality fibers and poor manufacturing, hence needing replacing all the sooner. Purchasing higher quality carpets is a better investment for long term.
Myth: Professional carpet cleaning is pricey and should only be used sparingly.
Fact: Professional carpet cleaning has become a common service, and thus services has been made quite affordable. A regularly scheduled expert cleaning prolongs carpet life, controls allergen containments and reduces bacteria to keep dwellers healthy and breathing easy.
Myth: Hard surface floors spares allergy sufferers.
Fact: Carpet fibers trap allergy components and can be easily retracted by regular cleaning, where hard surface floors just stirs them up in common household traffic.

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