Common Hardwood Flooring Myths in Alpharetta GA; Wood Floor Refinishing, Preventing Dents & Scratches

Hardwood flooring is a great choice for home owners who are looking for a way to add value to their home and at the same time make it look beautiful as well. Hardwood flooring has become a popular choice due to its variety in color, texture, size and its durability. Hardwood floors have recently become more of a popular option over tile, stone and other types of flooring. It is a great way to add to the depth of your home’s décor and make the rooms in your home more elegant looking.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

With hardwood flooring comes the responsibility of taking care of your floor properly. There are many myths that come along with hardwood flooring. Many homeowners think that refinishing their hardwood floors is simple and easy. This is not the case. Many home owners end up ruining their hardwood floors when they decide to take on the task of refinishing it themselves. One of the obstacles to overcome is first locating the proper equipment to rent for the job. Never do this hefty job on your own, always hire the services of a professional.

Preventing Dents in Hardwood Flooring

Another common myth that is associated with hardwood floors is that finishes will prevent any denting. This is not true, no matter the quality of the finish; it will not prevent your floor from being dented. It is important to understand the difference between impact resistance and wear resistance. Floor finishes are formulated to resist wear. It is the density of the wood itself that will determine the severity of a dent in hardwood flooring.

Scratch Prevention on Hardwood Floors

Another common myth that goes along with hardwood floor finishes is that a finish will prevent any scratching from occurring. Dragging a sharp metal tipped object while applying a heavy amount of weight across a floors surface will definitely scratch, no matter what the surface is made of. While your hardwood floor will not normally fall victim to such treatment, the finish on your hardwood floor will protect the hardwood against normal foot traffic, including that of any household pets.

Waxed Hardwood Floors

One last myth associated with hardwood flooring is that it must be waxed regularly to maintain its shine. This is completely false; quality floor finishes that have been applied by a professional do not need any waxing. If the floor has been waxed, it is virtually impossible to remove, unless you plan on sanding it down to the very bones.

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