Instructions for How to Clean Wool Carpet Stains Without Fuzzing in Covington, GA

The plush texture and the luxurious status of wool carpets is something many homeowners are using to cover the floors in their homes. As an extremely durable that if well cared for and maintained, a high quality wool carpet can last a lifetime. In an effort to help you get a return on your investment, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips on preserving your wool carpet.

Wool Carpet Cleaner Products

Because not all detergents are safe, wool carpets require specific cleaners. Always check the label to ensure it is safe for wool carpets when you buy a carpet cleaner. Manufacturers recommend sticking to cleaners that are specifically designed for wool carpets. The wool carpets can disintegrate if you use any bleach (chlorine) or bleach based cleaners in addition to permanently lightening the color, so avoid them at all costs. To prevent the wool color from fading and to get any stubborn stains out, use peroxide. Wool carpets that are stricken with any grease or grime residues can have them absolved gently with minimal dishwashing liquid soap solution. To effectively remove stains caused by organic materials, use bio-enzyme cleaners.
Whether you decide to use a commercial product or a DIY solution to treat spots and stains on your wool carpet, always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to make certain the color or fibers will not be compromised.

Water on Wool Carpets

Being the wool is a natural fiber, when water comes into contact with it, there is no shrinkage, stretching, or it won’t be warped. With that in mind, using water to treat spills is not an issue; however, just use cool to warm temperatures as hot could set in stains and cause other damage. But like with all carpets, too much water can result in discoloring, foul odors, and potential mold growth. If you over saturate an area of your wool carpet, expedite the drying process. If you have access to extraction equipment, such as wet/dry vac, use it to pull the excess liquid, open windows if the weather permits, and use ceiling and/or portable fans; if necessary, place a dry towel on the area and weights to draw up the moisture. In the unfortunate event the wool carpets are subject to flooding like conditions, contact a professional water damage restoration company as quickly as possible.

Cleaning & Care for Wool Carpets

It is important to vacuum the wool carpets as frequently as possible, daily is optimal. If you opt to shampoo your own carpets, always vacuum prior to applying any liquid or cleaning detergents to the surface. Immediately treat spills and when tending to them or spots and stains only pat or blot and never scrub or rub. Though thanks to the waxy coating that is designed to repel liquids wool carpets feature they are less likely attain stubborn stains, it is important you tend to spills as quickly as possible because the longer they set, the risk of a stain can occur.

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Deep carpet cleaning for your wool carpets should be done one to two times a year and it is recommended by manufacturers that you hire a professional to ensure it is done correctly. When your wool carpets are due for a deep cleaning, call the experts of DM Carpet Cleaning and let our team of specialists get your wool carpets clean and fresh. Contact us today.

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