How to Remove Wet or Dry Acrylic, Oil & Latex Paint from Carpet in Alpharetta Georgia

You just took on a DIY painting job and it turned out great! Give yourself a pat on the back for making your home elegant and just the way you desired. But alas! You see paint spots on your carpet. Somehow the pre-emptive strike in covering the floor with plastic sheets didn’t deter all the splatters and drops. You have no real desire to replace your carpet or really have figured it in the budget. So what do you do? We will give you some tips on removing different kinds of paint messes and hopefully we can help you save that carpet for a little longer.

Removing Acrylic Paint from Carpet

This paint is water based, mixed with acrylic resins. Just be sure the label on the paint is acrylic before you try the below methods.
– If you happen to notice the paint right away, it needs to be contained immediately. Place paper towels around the spill to keep it from spreading.
– Use additional dry paper towels to blot up as much as the paint as possible. DO NOT RUB. Only gently blot the stain as rubbing it will only push the paint deeper into the fibers making it harder to remove.
– Once as much as the paint has been blotted up, dab glycerin onto a new, clean and dry paper towel and blot. Repeat this process until paint has been removed.
– If there is residue, apply acetone or nail polish remover onto a clean, dry paper towel and blot.
– Once the stain is gone, mix a little detergent to a bucket of water, and with a sponge, wipe the spot.
– After the area is dry, vacuum.

Latex Paint Removal from Carpet

Latex paint is also water based like acrylic paint. These paints are mixed with vinyl mixture.
– With fresh spills, enclose the spill with paper towels so it does not spread, and begin blotting the middle on out with additional paper towels. Be sure to repeat this till as much paint as possible is removed. DO NOT RUB, only blot.
– Mix 1 tsp of a neutral detergent with 240 ml of tepid water (be sure the detergent is bleach free, mild and carpet safe.)
– With a paper towel, or as many as needed, blot the spill with the mixture you prepared.
– Sponge rinse with clean, cold water.
– Repeat till stain is removed.

Dried On Acrylic or Latex Paint Removal from Carpet

If you noticed the spots after they are dry, have no fear and try these remedies. This does present a challenge, some stronger cleaning aides will be needed, but always conduct a patch test first. WD40 or citrus-based dissolving agents will be called for.
– First start this process before adding liquid. Use a razor blade, butter knife, or paint scraper (or anything similar) to scrape off the blobs.
– Spray on the cleaner of your choice, and with a clean white cloth, gently work into the dried paint. Allow to set about 20 minutes.
– Lift off anything that has been freed with a gentle finger grasp or with tweezers. Next work at the remainder with your blade, scraper or weapon of choice.
– Clean with neutral detergent and warm water.
– Rinse with cool water and a sponge. Dry with a clean towel. Repeat if necessary.

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