How to Clean Fresh or Dried Vomit Odors & Stains from your Carpet or Couch in Alpharetta GA

No one wants to hear that sound in the middle of the night when a child or someone is sick. We all know that it is best to make it to the bathroom but there are always those moments when you just can’t make it. After someone has vomited on the carpet the next step is never to run over to the vomit and start cleaning it. Your attention usually goes to the person that was sick. This is one of the reasons that cleaning vomit off carpets and upholstery is really hard. Another reason that it is hard to clean vomit is because it really has two levels of treatment that are needed. The first is to help with the sickly smell and odor that vomit leaves behind and the second is the actual vomit stain. The stain can be tricky because it is whatever was in the person’s stomach last. It could be red juice or something very acidic that can damage the actual fibers of the carpet.

D&M Carpet Cleaning has some detailed steps you can take to get rid of the vomit stain and smell from your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

– The first step that you need to take is to remove any excess vomit that is on the carpet or sofa. This is probably the worst part because you cannot be sure what the vomit is made up of and it could be different every time. You can use a dustpan to scoop up what you can so that the area is ready to be treated. This is crucial so that you can expose the carpet that is stained by the vomit.

– The next step is to get a pile of old rags or towels that you are not going to need. You will use them to blot at the stained area to get some of the liquid off the carpeting and fibers. Make sure that you do not use the rags to scrub the area, if you do you might be causing the stain to spread and you could also be causing damage to the fibers. You can push the rags on the carpet to try and pull what you can out.

– After you have blotted away as much as possible you will start a process that will remove more liquid as well as treat the smell and odor. You want to get some baking soda or cornstarch and spread it out over the area. This will help to eliminate the odor and at the same time it will pull the remaining amount if liquid from the carpet or couch. Let it sit on the area for about 10 minutes so it can work on pulling out the liquid. After the 10 minutes is up you can vacuum the area to remove the excess baking soda or cornstarch.

– Then you can go about treating the stain with whatever stain removal spray you have that has been spot tested for your carpets or fabric furniture. After you have treated the spot you should be done.

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If you still feel like the spot is there you can contact a professional carpet cleaner like D&M Carpet Cleaning to have it removed professionally.

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