How to Remove Really Old Carpet Water Soluble, Oil or Wax Stains & Keep Carpet Smelling Fresh in East Point, GA

Being able to keep your house clean is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. Most homes have some type of plan on how to clean the house that includes when each area needs to be cleaned. Then you have to make sure that you are ready to take on the task of cleaning out of the ordinary. These can and usually are messes that you do not have on a normal basis. There are a few areas that these messes tend to be problematic the most often. One is the carpets in your house where you have people that are walking around and living their life. The carpets tend to be spilled on and stained and that is why you need to have a plan to clean them when it happens. There are different types of stains that you may come across and these different types will need to be cleaned properly. You want to make sure you understand what makes up the stain so that you can treat it right. DM Carpet Cleaning lists different types of stains on your carpet.

How to Get Water Soluble Stains Out of Carpet

One of the most common stains that you will come across on your carpet is called a water soluble stain. These can be spills that come from drinks such as tea and coffee, latex paint, throw up, chocolate, blood and ink from washable markers. The stain means that they can be broken down by a simple cleaning solution that consists mostly of water. There is usually not a harsh level in these spills that make them hard to treat. The best treatment you can use to take a water soluble stain from the carpet is water mixed with mild dish soap. You also can use water mixed with ammonia and white vinegar. This will break down the stain and allow you the opportunity to dab it up and remove it from the carpet. You always want to make sure that you act fast when cleaning just about any stain on your carpet.

How to Remove Wax & Oil Stains from Carpet

There are other types of stains that you might come across when you have people that are living in your home. There is a stain that is in the wax and oil stains. This is when you get hot wax, oil from food, oil from paints, oil or grease from your garage or car parts. These are things that need to be treated properly. Some of these stains should be cleaned by starting with a blunt object that you can remove the excess with. Then you need to clean the discoloration that is best done with nail polish remover. This can be diluted so that it is not as harsh on the area. Then you can use a cloth to dab at the area a little at a time.

How to Neutralize Odors in Carpet

There are some spills that will end up creating odor even after the stain has been lifted. This can be drinks as well as urine from your pet. You want to have a way to treat the odor and that can be with baking soda. You want to layer it over the area and allow it to sit overnight. Then you can vacuum up the mess and take the odor with it.

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